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Gives you 100 additional hit points. After a few seconds, all hit points over 100 start slowing draining away, because it's too much for the human frame to hold. Still, it's nice while it lasts.

—Quake Manual

The 100 Health or Megahealth is a Powerup that grants somebody 100 health points, ignoring the default 100 capacity. Multiple 100 Health allow for a total of 250 health points. Nonetheless, the health will slowly decay after 5 seconds until it reaches the default limit of 100 health points. If the effects of the 100 Health are not over by the end of the level, it will be immediately depleted upon the start of the next level.


The 100 Health is also a great companion with any type of Armor, from Green Armor to Red Armor. If you have 100 Health and a powerful Armor, you'll be able to survive many attacks or being hit by stronger weapons like the Rocket Launcher. With weak Armor, you should be able to endure a greater number of attacks if it combined with a 100 Health.

Keeping the 100 Health in your control can sometimes be a decisive factor in a match. If you manage to control the Red Armor as well as the 100 Health, your enemies will find it difficult to frag you. 


  • The logic behind the 100 Health’s decay was that id Software desired to have a timer like those of the other Powerups and to attempt to keep the player’s health down to a fair level.[1]
  • The audio of the 100 Health being taken is a bit of a combination between a guitar riff and the normal 25 Health sound. This was done by John Romero in an attempt to make the sound more grandiose than the other Health Powerups.




  1. Interview with John Romero where he stated, "The simple logic behind the megahealth rot was to have a timer like the other powerups and try to keep the health down to a fair level. "