222x3 is a Multiplayer level. This level travels through a few rooms with Weapons containing custom pickup messages. This level is intended for 5 players or less.

Quick Level Completion

  • Proceed forward to enter the next room.
  • Head up either Water column to reach the next room.
  • Turn around at the top, then go through the doorway in the upper left corner.
  • Go onto the Elevator to your right, then wait for it to ascend.
  • Turn left, then follow the corridor to the end.
  • Turn left to reach the next section, then follow it to a gap.
  • Jump over the gap, then proceed forward to exit the level.

Spawn Locations

  • Middle of single-fire room of Fire Section. (corrupt)
  • Fire Section, room overlooking Slime pool of Water Column Room.
  • Pool of Water in Courtyard. (corrupt)
  • Middle of multi-fire room of Fire Section. (corrupt)
  • Middle of Water Column Room. (corrupt)

Important Item Locations



Room-By-Room Summarization




Water Column Room

  • Biosuit beside doorway to Courtyard, Water tunnel side.
  • Grenade Launcher in Water column opposite Biosuit side. Upon taking, a pickup message will be displayed - "Throw grenade not Pin!".
  • 2 Shells, 1 on each side of doorway to Courtyard.
  • Shells in corridor leading to Slime pool.
  • Columns of Water in middle of room, both lead to Fire Section. Column of Water closer to Biosuit also has a tunnel leading to Courtyard.
  • Slime pool at end of corridor opposite Courtyard.
  • Elevator in front of Slime pool, leads to Fire Section.

Fire Section

  • 100 Health in room overlooking Slime pool of Water Column Room.
  • Rocket Launcher on upper floor of single-fire room.
  • 3 Rockets on wall of multi-fire room, opposite Elevator leading from Water Column Room.
  • Elevator in single-fire room, opposite doorways, leads to upper floor.
  • Elevator in single fire room, near doorway to multi-fire room, leads to Torch Corridor.
  • Dark corridor accessed by doorway in single-fire room leads to Elevator, leads to room overlooking Slime pool of Water Column Room.

Torch Corridor

  • Rocket Launcher at bottom of gap in front of exit. Upon taking, a pickup message will be displayed - "Kill Yourself".
  • Particle for Electric Terminal at gap in front of exit.
  • Exit at end of corridor opposite Elevator from Fire Section, exiting the level will cause the message "Have a Nice Day!" to be displayed.

Alternate Versions

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