Quake1  Globe  

3DS2MAP is a converter for 3D Studio, made by Travis (Lemur), that would output the file to the Quake level file format. This was an alternative to using a dedicated level editor, allowing the editor to instead work in a familiar editing environment if they were used to 3D Studio (or any other 3d modeling software, it would just need to be converted with WC2POV26). All entity and brush information would be outputted to a .map file. The names of the objects assigned in 3D Studio would be commented into the map file, meaning brushes that caused problems could be traced the modeling software.

Due to the limitations of Quake, there is a face limit that prevents complex objects past a certain point from converting. Furthermore, objects like tubes and crosses (convex brushes) are not supported in the Quake engine, meaning said objects could not be converted, they must instead be made up of several concave brushes.

As Denis Leventure made a Quake texture MLI for 3d Studio, it is possible to preview the level with the Quake textures, and the selected texture would be included as part of the conversion process.

Lighting was made fully convertible as long as the lights in 3D Studio were omni lights.

Entities would be spawned into the level by using spotlights with an appropriate abbreviated entity name (such as mon_sham or weap_roc). Only the first eight characters needed to match for the conversion process to work correctly.