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A373317 Phased Pulse Cannon is a modification for Quake made by Josh Robinson (Jabberwocky/Jabber). This modification features the aforementioned weapon, which replaces the Nailgun with an alternate version replacing the Super Nailgun.

The standard A373317 Phased Pulse Cannon sounds like a Nailgun and causes the same amount of damage. The alternative Super Nailgun version has a unique sound when fired and causes 100 damage per shot.

Note that the world meshes for both variants of this Weapon are so large that the player can walk into them without picking them up. This world mesh often will not fit properly in the vanilla levels, with more than half of the Weapon going through the floor.

While these meshes will work in a modern Source port, they will be extremely distorted and not appear correctly. These models work fine in the original DOS version of the game.


Note: Portions of this file have been deleted in the interests of national security. To anyone who intends to opperate this weapon, it is highly recommended to read this text.

The A373317 Phased Pulse Cannon is an experimental mass destruction weapon from the engineers at [NAME REDACTED]. Using the same theories as the teleporter, it fires small space-time disturbances. Absolute Zero Ionized Plasma is used as fuel in the device, giving the projected space a greenish tint. In essence, time within this small space has ceased. Because of the time difference, collision between the anamoly and any object results in immediate displacement. The time within the projected space engulfs the object hit. Walls tend to simply be strengthened by the process, however organic subastances react in a variety of ways. Humanoids tend to decompress rapidly. The recently discovered slaves of Shub-Niggurath seem to have varying levels of immuneness, up to Shub herself, who appears to be immune. It is speculated that Shub, and some of her minions may be partially phased out of this s-tc themselves. If this is so, it would explin the varrying responses. Many of the A373317 Phased Pulse Cannon's effects are as of yet unknown. For instance, the front portions of the gun appear to become partially phased, allowing passage through solid objects. It deserves further experimentation, however it is deemed unstable now.


Alternate (Super) A373317 Phased Pulse Cannon being fired
A373317 Phased Pulse Cannon projectile colliding with a solid surface