Aftershock Toolbox LevelsEdit

There are 20 levels in the Aftershock Toolbox using the Aftershock Toolbox Level Theme.

Aftershock LevelsEdit

Furthermore, there are 35 Levels in the Aftershock Toolbox that are identical to the files on Aftershock for Quake. Instead of utilizing the texture sets found in the base game, these levels use the Aftershock Level Theme.

Shovelware LevelsEdit

There are 28 Levels in the Aftershock Toolbox that are duplicates of files that could be found online.

Broken LevelsEdit

  • box-test file for mbuild 0.3-djl - (requires me.wad for texture "NEW")
  • Death By The Dozen - (WATER3 not found in quaketex.wad. Water only goes up to WATER2)
  • Death on the Docks - (Bad Surface Extents error when level booted, likely related to too large faces or corrupt brushes)
  • wbox-test file for mbuild 0.3-djl - (requires dave.wad for texture "DWATER1")
  • welcome to dogget 1.1 - (MAX_HULL_POINTS error, hitting limit for QBSP, newer versions of QBSP may not have this issue. Note versions that come with WorldCraft take less memory and thus can't handle this either)

Text FilesEdit

On top of the levels included with the Aftershock Toolbox, there are a couple text files for levels not included with the Add-on.