Lv.1 Air Defense Bunker
Air Defense Bunker

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Air Defense Bunker

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Air Defense Bunker is the 1st Level in Quake 4.

Revolving around the start of the battle of Stroggos. The U.S.S. Patton-class cruisers are intercepted by Strogg defenses. Rhino Squad flies down to the planet, but is shot down. Matthew Kane awakes in the dropship unconscious. The rest of Rhino Squad is scattered, and Kane fights alongside members from other squads. Hope to get back on his squad.



After some gruesome opening cutscenes, the squad you are in got hit and have to crashland. You start in the crash site with your Blaster, go and talk to Morris. After you're done, go over to Anderson, the Medic. He'll heal you (your health is always 72 at start). Continue on inside the Bunker and you'll come across some Guards, you can let the Marines kill them if you want, but that will take a bit long. For more agressive player, charged blaster can be helpful, you can take cover and charge the Blaster, then pop out and shoot at the guard. Go through a door and you'll see a Marine being dragged away by a Grunt, a new monster. Go up to the door and proceed through it, a Machine Gun is down in front of you, as soon as you get it, a Guard drops down in front of you. Kill it, and go down this hall. There are more Guards, you need to kill them all for the door ahead to open. You'll see the previously seen Grunt taking down another Marine, Kovitch, but is blasted by Kovitch's Shotgun alternatively, you can save him before he does anything. Go through a few doors, and you come to a hall with pipes to your left. A Grunt busted a few to stun you, then comes around. Go through this door where more Marines are. You now have to get back to Anderson and help this injured Marine.

Escort the Medic

Follow the route back to where you first started, you will come across the first Berserker, which many more will be encountered throughout the game. Aim for their head with your machine gun, there is no enough time and space to let you use Blaster. Now, after escorting Anderson back to the Marine, go through the door to meet Cortez, the Sharpshooter. Go through the door up ahead to end the level.



  • Small Medkit
  • Small Armor Vest
  • Clips