Backpack 2
This allows you to carry more ammo on your back.

—The Quake II manual

In Quake 2, the Ammo Pack is a powerup that increases the maximum amount of ammunition a player can carry for every type of ammo. In addition, it gives the player ammo of every type.

Note that it doesn't stack with the bandolier.


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Given AmmoEdit


Single PlayerEdit

  • In Single Player, the Ammo Pack will give you the ammo you need to take out the tougher enemies (such as the Tank), so grab it early and begin stockpiling ammo for the late game.


  • Like the Bandolier, the Ammo Pack is completely useless in multiplayer. Since you'll rarely hit maximum ammo without it, there's no need to go out of your way and get it. Even the ammo it gives you isn't worth it, as it's much easier to find a ammo pickup for the ammo you need than it is to hunt down a pack.

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