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Armor Shard
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In Quake IV, the Armor Shard grants the user 5 Armor points. Armor Shards are best used to repair damaged armor; especially powerful Armor such as Heavy Armor. Armor Shards are fairly common.

If an Armor Shard is picked up when the wearer already has Armor, the Armor Shard will not affect the type of Armor she or he currently has.

Details[edit | edit source]

In Quake 4, Armor Shards give out 5 Armor points. If one has no Armor when she or he picks up Armor Shards, the "new" Armor will absorb ⅔ of an attack, just like the Light Armor and Heavy Armor. In single player, Armor shards are commonly found throughout the campaign, and they should be picked up when heavier Armor cannot be found. Armor Shards still have use even if one has friendlies like squad technician, who can refill one's Armor value to 75+. Pick the Armor Shards to put the Armor value to the maximum.

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