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The Atom Bomb consists of a spinning grenade at the center and a yellow particle effect around it.

Atom Bomb is a modification for Quake made by Tuomas Heino. Inspired by the destructive power of the Thunderbolt under the Water, this modification allows the player the ability to set an Atom Bomb using impulse 101.

Using an Atom Bomb will cost 50 Shells and Cells, 100 Nails, and 25 Rockets. Once set, there is no way to disable it (the Readme implies different, but this feature appears to not work in-game), the Atom Bomb will explode after a 30 second countdown.

Players will be informed when a player has set an A-Bomb. Once the timer has reached ten seconds, they will revive a message that they will be seeing the "End of the world in ten seconds...". At five seconds, they will be told "You have five seconds to pray". From three seconds, a counter will be displayed on the screen with Quake logos on either side of the number. Finally, after it goes off, the players shall receive the message that "It's the end of the world as we know it..."

The Atom Bomb is extremely powerful. It might cause the game to lag or crash if used in a map with too many opponents as it can kill them all at once. After the Atom Bomb goes off, everything in the map besides the player who set the Atom Bomb and their teammates (if teamplay is on) shall be immediately killed. The person who set off the Atom Bomb shall be just barely surviving however; they shall always be knocked down to a single point of health (no matter how high their health was before the explosion). Note the player cannot be killed by their own Atom Bomb, a player at 1 Health shall not experience any negative side effects from setting off an Atom Bomb.

Note that as this is not an Electric Terminal, it shall not cause damage to Chthon but shall break his AI. This modification also does not kill Shub-Niggurath; that would result in the game immediately crashing.

There is a bug that can result in only a couple Monsters being killed if used at the beginning of the level, specifically in E1M1: the Slipgate Complex.

Note also that the Atom Bomb shall change the Gamma value to 0.7, resulting in a whitewashed appearance in the vanilla Quake (this is ignored in GLQuake as the brightness settings are broken in said Source port). This will need to be manually reset by the player or have its code altered.

Version History


  • The Atom Bomb now includes a lot more messages, prior to this the only message existent was the the "end of the world" one. Now the Atom Bomb has a much more noticeable counter.
  • Cost of Atom Bomb was changed from 100 Cells to 50 Cells due to a bug in the official code.


  • Official release
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