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The last resort. Face it – going toe-to-toe with the uglies in Quake demonstrates all the good sense of a man parachuting into an alligator farm.

—Quake Manual

The Axe is Quake's sole melee Weapon. It does moderate damage and should not be used unless you find yourself in sudden close combat with few Shells. It's also useful to open secret doors and is an alternative if you do not wish to waste ammo.


Single Player

  • There is little valid reason to use the Axe in Quake, as Ammo is usually plentiful especially for the Shotgun. This is in contrast to other first person shooters (including those by id Software) whose levels have a scarcity of Ammo as well as a more powerful melee weapon. The Axe should never really be used unless absolutely necessary.
  • The Axe is useful in saving Ammo against lone Ogres. If you come across a stray Ogre sneaking, pull out your Axe, then run toward the Ogre hit it once (or twice if you can time properly) then back just out of melee range, then run forward again and repeat. This is a time consuming method so it should only be used as a last resort.
  • Another idea would be use a weak Weapon to leave low-class Monsters helpless and run up to them with the Axe and finish them off.


  • The Axe is a great humiliation weapon! If you're feeling lucky, charge a critically-wounded enemy with it. It feels great letting the whole world know that you took somebody with the Axe.



  • You'll only be mostly harmless if you waste your entire Ammo supply
  • Is very useful for Ammo conservation
  • Can kill Enemies in a few strikes with a Quad Damage power-up
  • Humiliation!


  • Must be within close range to use
  • Slow rate of fire
  • Even trees will laugh at the base damage

Death Messages

  • "Player" was ax-murdered by "Attacker"


The axe being swung in the air
The axe hitting something solid and hard
The axe hitting somebody



  • According to one of the vanity and lore items in Quake Champions, the Axe has gained the nickname "Gladius" by Rangers.