The BFG is a Weapon found in the DeathMatch PLUS PACK!. It is inspired and intended to be a faithful copy of the weapon from Doom. It is found in the same locations as a Thunderbolt, meaning both Weapons will be picked up at the same time. This Weapon appears the same and functions similar to the Grenade Launcher so that it can be used on Multiplayer servers without requiring work on the client side.

This Weapon uses 20 Cells per shot. It is called upon by using impulse 10. This Weapon can be disabled at any time by using impulse 22.


The BFG is a rather powerful weapon, a direct shot can Gib a Shambler. Furthermore, multiple enemies can be taken out in the blast radius. Taking a few seconds to fire, a ball of fire is shot from the BFG towards whatever the player has aimed it at. An extremely powerful weapon, the BFG is well-known for being a powerful weapon for beginners, and even more deadly in the hands of experts due to the more unconventional traits of the Weapon.

The BFG9000 has a rather unique ray system; the closer to the opponent, the more powerful the shot. The BFG attempts to emulate this, resulting in shots where the player can shoot at the wall and still hit an opponent far away from them. Due to the lack of blast damage, it is highly recommended for the player to get as close to their opponent as possible before pulling the trigger.



  • Extremely powerful, more powerful than anything in the vanilla arsenal, and can kill any opponent in a single shot (including Shub-Niggurath). Even the Bomb cannot match the damage from this Weapon.
  • Unlike the Bomb, there is no danger to the player by using this weapon.
  • While powerful from a distance, it excels at close range, where the maximum amount of damage can be applied.
  • Splash damage means the player doesn't need to be the best at aiming.


  • Requiring 20 Cells per shot, it is very easy to run out of Ammo, especially as Cells are the rarest type.
  • Using this weapon efficiently on walls and floors can require a bit of practice; there is a learning curve.
  • This weapon is a bit slow to fire, taking longer than a Rocket Launcher between shots and having a slow buildup prior to each shot.

Death Messages

Regular Death

  • "Player" was zapped by "Attacker"'s BFG


  • "Player" was gibbed by "Attacker"'s BFG


BFG being fired
BFG projectile being released