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The Backpack is a special type of ammo pickup that is dropped by dead monsters or fragged players in Quake. Gibbed enemies do not drop it, but gibbed players do. It is brown and rotates slowly above the surface.

Backpack contents depend on the actor that dropped it. Unlike other forms of ammo, the Backpack will disappear if it is not collected within 2 minutes. As it is designed to disappear after a length of time, the Backpack only spawns when a particular entity is killed and is never found independently of the entity. Likewise, any player can pick up a backpack whether their ammunition is full or not, in contrast to other forms of ammo.


Actor Contents
Ranger Fragged player's active Weapon / Ammo
Grunt 5 Shells
Enforcer 5 Cells
Ogre / Ogre Marksman 2 Rockets