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Lets you breathe underwater and swim through slime without harm. Slightly protect against lava.

—Quake Manual

The Biosuit is a Quake Powerup that allows you to jump into Slime without taking damage. It also reduces the damage received by Lava to the rate one would experience in Slime without protection. In addition, the player is given infinite air below Water while the suit is active.

The player's vision takes on a green tinge when wearing it. The Biosuit expires after 30 seconds, so use it wisely!

The Biosuit powerup appears as a futuristic suit, looking like a combination between a hazmat suit and scuba gear, resembling the Enforcer (Q1).


The Biosuit appears in select maps. If you see a Biosuit, there's usually a pool of Slime or an Underwater area that has goodies in it, so find it and jump in!


  • The Enforcer appears to be wearing an armored Biosuit.

Timeout Message

  • Air supply in Biosuit expiring


Biosuit being acquired
Biosuit expiring