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A welcome message the player will be greeted with upon starting the game with this modification.

Blaster is a modification for Quake made by Michael Dewberry (peerless). This modification changes the Shotgun to perform like a Laser Rifle. This is intended to resemble the Enforcer rifles.

This is mostly intended for Deathmatch, but can be used to allow for a more powerful starter Weapon in Single Player. This Weapon fires in three shots at a time, using a Shell for every shot, or three Shells per attack. If all three shots connect (due to closeness, they should unless the player barely clips an opponent), it causes 45 damage per volley.

The Quad Damage not only amplifies the Laser Rifle, but triples the amount of projectiles from three to nine, while still costing three Shells.

While it was originally intended to require Cells, the author instead used Shells due to the rarity of Cells in the game.

Note that this Weapon is entirely silent when fired, the only sound made by this Weapon is the collision of a projectile with a surface.


Laser Rifle projectile colliding with a solid surface