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PabsterTheLobster PabsterTheLobster 18 August 2023

The Quake II multiplayer skins need a page or something.

With Quake II on people's minds again after the remaster, I'd like to make a request as a passer-by who, despite never playing a Quake game, has an interest in the series. That being that the default multiplayer skins included in Quake II (as in, those that don't come from mods) are documented in some way on this wiki. The only ones that have been documented in some form are Grunt and Athena, but that's only because of their inclusions as characters in Q3 and QC, respectively.

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Bluerock Bluerock 11 September 2019

Wiki Manager introduction

Hey there! My name is Bluerock, and I'm the Wiki Manager for QuakeWiki. This means I'm your first point of contact and liaison for Fandom Staff. If you have any questions about your wiki, feel free to drop me a message! My focus here is mostly technical, so if you have a question about article content, you'd likely get a better answer from the admins.

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Quake Goddess Quake Goddess 13 January 2019

Quake III Team Arena fans

You should follow my art group on Deviantart! Quake-Love 💋

I post fan art of Janet, and am learning to create digital art (drawing). I take requests, so leave a comment on the Group's comment section 💋



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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 24 December 2018

I hate Christmas music

Below is a list of songs that I would recommend expelling from the airwaves. This is by no means a complete list, in part since I can’t be screwed to look up what these damn things are called, but it’s a start. Here is some music that I would destroy:

A Holly Jolly Christmas: No, thanks. If this truly is ‘the land of free’ (which it most definitely is not but whatever), don’t pressure me to assimilate into your Anglo nonsense. I also like how ‘holly’ is inserted just because it rhymes: it hasn’t been an adjective for centuries and as a noun it just makes no grammatical sense in this context. I think that the most cringeworthy bit though is ‘It’s the best time of the year.’ This is not only inaccurate, but it’s the complete opposite of the tr…

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Ana Stewart Ana Stewart 15 September 2018


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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 7 September 2018

QuakeWikia Server: Custom Skins

Currently for the server, we are relatively limited for skins, using the SG collection primarily. It is relatively easy to include extra skins into the Multiskin feature, however, meaning additional skins could be added or even swapped out if desired.

The greatest problem with custom skins is that the gibbed head seems to be highly overlooked. MultiSkin itself offers only the body and most modifications seem content to continue this pattern. This in turn means the selection is more limited than simply picking any custom skin found on the Wikia, since we need one that also offers a head gib or the texture will be lacking.

This page therefore is created to compile player skins that are supported by the server, thus providing a clear list of ch…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 26 August 2018

The Aftershock of the Aftershock has Passed

It has been a lot of effort, but we have finally got the Aftershock Toolbox detailed out as much as the original Aftershock for Quake was. A continuation of the former, it included some new levels such as Welcome to BLAZE1 and Welcome to ABANWARE. Welcome to CROSFR01 is one of the only levels out there that does not run in any modern source port. Complete with a new Aftershock Toolbox Level Theme for the completely new levels, plus the original versions of certain levels such as No caption and Horizontal Door Example, means we got quite the plethora of content. We even got some dates that gives us some idea of a chronological order.

However, the big thing this time around is not really the new level pages, but the focus on actual QuakeC mod…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 6 July 2018

QuakeWikia Server

Just a useful feature list to keep everyone up to date on what the server is looking like. I originally had it sorted by mods I was and wasn't using, but found too many of them I was deviating from the intended design, or just was picking and choosing small parts of convoluted mods. Needless to say, I wished for something with a bit more organization. So here we are, a nice list just clarifying what the features of the server are.

Note that I am trying to make sure server incompatibilities have nothing to do with me. So while there are known issues, I can verify most of them were existent in the mods where I ripped the code from.

I have tried using PAK Explorer to make transferring the files a bit easier, but the problem is that detection of…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 5 July 2018

QuakeWikia (Circa 1996)

I feel rather confused by the current state of the Wikia, as reading some old text files found on various old CD compilations, it would seem we got a lot wrong. How we missed these important facts is beyond me, but I feel it in our best interest to put the records straight.

I wanted to get some useful information from Q2, but they didn't even have the decency to offer a Readme file. This is evidence that Q2 is the worst commercial add-on, because what purpose is there to buying $20-30 Add-ons if not to read a couple 1MB text files?

Luckily Dark Hour was here to fix the issue and teach me all about Quake. I learned quite a bit you couldn't find on any reputable websites. Being that I paid $30 for it, I am more likely to trust this Readme file…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 8 March 2018

The Aftershock has Passed

It has been a long road, taking quite a bit of time to accomplish, but we have managed to fully document and cover every single Aftershock for Quake level. Not only did this Add-on result in the addition of plenty of new little details like categories specifically dedicated to separating the different game modes, but we also added a few new Hazards such as the Glass of the test level GLASS.

With Gregory A. MacMartin making the Aftershock Level Theme, we are amassed in a whole range of textures which detail the various levels. Aftershock features a wider range than past Add-ons, meaning we have a lengthy campaign with its own Introduction and three Episodes. From the boat ride in E1M1: House of Desolution to the Leap of Faith in E1M4: Fire S…

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 26 January 2018

I've seen things

I went to Weegeepedia, a wiki from years before I made my profile, and it's been transformed into psychedelic weeaboo land! My childhood is ruined!

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 24 January 2018

Did ya know?

When I beat all four campaigns in ET:QW as the GDF I listen to Road Movie To Berlin by They Might Be Giants while I watch the credits go by.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 10 January 2018

My birthday.

My 17th birthday is coming soon!

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 13 December 2017

My profile picture

It describes how I feel when I go to this wiki. It's not bad! I just feel as awesome as Ranger when I browse through all the knowledge of my fellow Quakers, yes I said it, Quakers.

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 12 February 2017

The Compendium of Broken Levels

The realm of fan missions is a painful journey. Most will only bother with the highly rated packs, probably because the less popular levels are such for a reason. However, some of you might be crazy enough like me to explore the wild-west, the barely traveled roads. This does not come without its dangers however. Simply put, a lot of fan missions are highly broken. Usually what defines broken depends on the game, but I have yet to find a game that had fan content that worked 100% of the time.

This is pretty much a mapping of the wild west by a lone ranger who embarks on painful adventures and returns to tell the tale. Perhaps some are actually able to be completed, in which case it would be nice to be told so I can modify the list. This is …

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 10 October 2016

10 Things We Learned from TES: Arena

We may be a Quake Wiki... sorry, I meant Quake Fandom powered by Wikia, but occasionally we play wacky other games as well. Deathstalker, in particular, is an expert in stuff that runs on id Tech 1 or older engines :P

Anyway, watching Death's struggles in the amazing fantasy world of the Arena (which was supposed to be a gladiator game but ended up differently) inspired me to give it a try too. And now that I have finished my epic quest to collect the pieces of a stick that is only good for churning butter, and then defеat an evil wizard by punching him in the face and then touching his red gem thing, I can share what I have learned from this game.

10 things Arena taught me:

  • 1. All innkeepers and blacksmiths in the world are identical twins.
  • 2.…
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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 9 August 2016

The Sound of Shotguns

Yep, this is another Doom post. Blame Vorknkx, I am just the maniac who types the stuff, thinks of it, and uploaded all the content. Vorknkx though did everything else, which means he is totally at fault for this.

What odd and random thing has he done now? Why, he has driven me to make another Doom post. Do you know where we are? Quake Wikia! Yet here I am, making posts about a totally irrelevant game.

Specifically, I am here to supply a bunch of random music tracks for your enjoyment. How is this Quake related you may ask. Why is this on Quake Wikia? Deathstalker, you should migrate to Doom Wikia because that is obviously where your heart is set! Well, I am about to prove all of you false. For, you see, you can mute the Quake audio and play…

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 3 August 2016

Digging through the archives - creativity

Something from January 26, 2009, which I unearthed from my Facebook profile. Apparently some ruminations of mine about the creative process.

You should all be aware of how the human mind can a whole self-contained world - an independent plane of existence that we carry in our heads.

How does it really work? There is no single theory or rule about creativity - it is different for everyone. Different people, different interests, different inspirations and goals...

Since I cannot talk on anyone else's behalf, I will use my own personal view - the way I believe my creative process works. Specifically, I will focus on its "ingredients" - the components that need to come together for the machine to work :)

(note: the quotes beside each item are take…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 26 July 2016

Vorknkx's Level Resources

Beyond my administration of this Wikia, I am also heavily focused on recording videos for my Youtube channels. One of the latest series involves traveling through old 1994 PWADs that nobody else would play and try to endure our way through whatever messes we find. Of course, in my travels, I have also blundered across a lot of levels that Vorknkx has played and is nostalgic for as well.

Therefore, I have decided to organize everything in a nice and neat way. As there isn't really any documentation or actual listings of the levels that Vorknkx played, I am solving the mysteries by playing through a lot of random Doom levels. Below is a collection of compilations that Vorknkx had (he had hundreds of singular levels, but we are focusing on the…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 18 July 2016

Your favourite Quake song(s)

It looks like we don’t have any topics discussing our favourite songs in the Quake series. Let’s fix that.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve listened to any of the music of the later entries, so I’m unqualified to comment on them. I do know that Trent Reznor, Jeehun Hwang and Aubrey Hodges all did some mighty fine work, but the tones of their musics are different. If I had to go with an absolute favourite, I’d select this:

Track 006: The Journey / Parallel Dimensions

Many of Reznor’s tracks have horrific or disturbing tones to them, but track 006 is something of an outlier because it feels more ‘casual’ compared to the other works. It’s industrial, slightly upbeat, and slightly eerie, which made it perfect for the Earth levels in Quake. Man…

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Massao Quaker Massao Quaker 18 July 2016

My doom stuff

I also play Doom! If you are also a fan of doom, Try out my Doom Stuff!

Snes Soundtrack of doom addon: I made a addon for zdoom based sourceports that adds the Snes music from doom, Its very different and i think a bit better here's the link! CLICK

Infested base custom map: I made a custom map for doom some time ago, Try it out! CLICK

Quake necropolis remake for doom: I made a remake of E1M3 The Necropolis from quake! I Didn't finish it due to doom engine limitations but its very playable! CLICK

Massa weapon pack: I created a weapon pack! Its very random i put a lot of random weapons but you can try! CLICK

More coming soon!

If any links are down, You can post a message on my message wall! 

Have Fun!

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Massao Quaker Massao Quaker 30 May 2016

Why quake 1 is my favorite quake.

Hello. This is my first blog post here it goes!

Well Quake  and Quake 2 are great games but one of these is my favorite...

I choose Quake 1 because it has very good ambience and is very creepy, Quake 2 feels more like a generic fps because of the aliens thing but its still a nice game. But Quake 1 has the cake mainly because when quake 2 was released it feel more like a Doom with aliens than quake also it was more slower paced, The Rocket Launcher (Q2) for example you don't use it often like in Quake 1 Rocket Launcher (Q1) and the story was very common. In quake 1 you get more horror stuff than sci tech stuff, I think John Romero was a very good dude in Id Software he leaving was a bad thing because he had the ideas about demons and hell stu…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 24 March 2016

How do foreigners use the Internet?

For quite some time now, I’ve been wondering how people who don’t use a Latin alphabet navigate on the Internet. As far as I know, every URL uses Latin characters, so it seems like everybody who desires to use the Internet must know how to type Latin characters, which is no doubt disappointing to many. There’s no label anywhere that says, ‘Using this technology requires Latin characters.’ You could just switch between keyboard layouts, but this is hardly convenient (for reasons which hopefully require no explanation). So how exactly can somebody use this without learning a new alphabet? I don’t know. The entire set‐up just begs for assimilation.

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 2 January 2016

Onward to 2016!

Hello and welcome to yet another year of Quaking. The Quake Wiki is bigger and better than ever, yet we have no intention to stop improving and expanding with new high-quality content!

One of the big changes you can expect this year is that we will (finally) improve that ETQW section of the Wiki - old Vorknkx has finally come around to playing it and has accumulated a lot of impressions and useful information. Expect to see it soon.

We also plan to get back to the exciting custom map series, which revealed to us a whole new dimension of abstract (and sometimes pretty weird) worlds, lost somewhere in the darkest corners of the great Quake multiverse.

We wish you a happy 2016 and many happy hours of Quake!

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 4 December 2015

Me complaining about more bullshit

Hey, at least I’m self‐aware.

As we all know, there’s no reloading in Quake. Some firearms will have a brief pause between shots, but that’s it. But logically speaking, how exactly do the firearms continue using munition if there’re no reloading animations? The Nailguns could be explained as having munition belts, though I don’t know of any canonical evidence to support that. What about the Shotguns? Do those use belts, too? That would be quite unusual, as I don’t know of any shotguns that can fire continuously like miniguns. In the Doom series, the protagonist can be seen reloading the double‐barrelled shotgun. In Quake, he just fires sans interruption like he’s using his brain to teleport the shells into it.

The Grenade Launcher and the Ro…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 26 November 2015

Another Quake dream

I was replaying Shub‐Niggurath’s pit. I noticed that the teleporter was smaller than it usually is. I had to reënter the portal because I fell into the lava a few times, but at one point glitches commenced occurring, where the water was brown and not harmless, so I had to reinitiate my game. Now this is where things become quite interesting. After I telefragged Shub‐Niggurath, a Green Armour spawned and there was a whole new area behind Ranger! I was taking screenshots so that I could show this to Deathstalker (and I accidentally pressed a key that made information on a different programme display). Ranger ran into this new area, turning right, and going through the door and automatically entering the the first episode of Scourge of Armago…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 18 November 2015

How the Wikia Is Supposed to Look

Earlier this year, Wikia attempted to "fix" the problem of different platforms seeing different results, meaning that templates would be oddly spaced or that things would just not be compatible. In an attempt to make things work better for everyone, they ended up messing up some of the stuff on our Wikia, with the justification that it was always broken. The problem with this argument is that we have a small community and that the entire community had absolutely no problems with viewing content prior to this change. Luckily, most of the problems could be fixed up by modifying the CSS. The problem is that some of the fixes would go against Wikia's Terms of Service, meaning that not all intended changes could be indeed be done.

The fixes that…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 17 November 2015

How do these 2 powerups function?

?It is facile to explain how one utilises some powerups in the Quake series. Equipping a Ring is obvious. Suits and armours: also obvious (except for the celerity). Instantly applying a medkit and receiving its benefits is nonsensical from a realist point of view, but does make some sense in its own way. There are two items whose utilization is less apparent:

  1. The Quad Damage (Q1) is, presumably, a magic rune. Perhaps that classification is technically incorrect, but I don’t know a superior one for it. How exactly does one ‘equip’ this? Does the player simply hold onto it? Does the player absorb it?
    (Interestingly, this powerup is one of the few certain connexions that exist between Quake & Quake II, only Stroggos, as far as I know, carries n…
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Vorknkx Vorknkx 8 November 2015

The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Incognito

(based on a true story)

  • Tortuga
  • June 15, 1660

Mr. Incognito strolled down the street by the French governor's office, looking for a nice tavern. He had just defeated an evil captain by striking him repeatedly with a pixelated sword and was in a very good mood. He needed a drink, and he need it fast, because there was no guarantee the Dutch wouldn't go to war with English within the next 10 minutes.

He entered the tavern and looked around. There was a bunch of sailors in one corner, and the barmaid behind the counter. He approached her nd presented himself.

"They call me Incognito. MISTER Incognito. Vodka-Martini - shaken, not stirred." he said with a wink.

"Yeah, I've heard of you," the barmaid replied, "You are the man who punched the French ba…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 24 October 2015

America’s Shittiest Home Videos

If you require one sample that demonstrates American decadence, America’s Funniest Home Videos is a good start. Before I continue, I need to admit that I haven’t seen this show in a few years, and I certainly haven’t watched it very thoroughly, but you would be in the exact same position if you saw how embarrassing this programme is for everybody involved, including you, the viewer.

Anyway, for any outside readers, the premise is simply this: Americans make some short videos of something occurring, then send them to this show. The makers select some of the videos, put them on the air, and the narrator sometimes makes some ‘funny’ comments while they’re showing. This is an ingenious production method because it requires very little effort fr…

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 18 August 2015

Administrative update

Just a little summary of recent events and current tasks.

  • I have finished upgrading all level pages for Quake 4 & Quake II (+ its mission packs) with the new level infobox template (special thanks to the amazing Deathstalker666 who created the original template and updated the Q1 level pages with it). I have already spawned a levelbox template for Q3 and I will be upgrading these pages soon. I was postponing this in the hope that EmeraldWolf would re-appear, but I guess real life has tightened its grip around him, so I'll just go ahead.

  • The next logical step would be to create pages for the Team Arena Maps, though I'll first have to do some research on console commands (to hide the HUD, etc.).
  • Q4 walkthroughs are HORRIBLE - they were written …

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 13 August 2015

Quake dream

So, I had another dream related to Quake. There were some other things that occurred that were unrelated to video games, but I remember the Quake parts better. I looked on the Wiki and saw that somebody played Shrak for Quake, and it included demos of future Quake add‐ons and… Quake II. But this Quake II was actually a proper sequel! The Quake II demo started out in a bright, grey Aztec temple fighting new monsters, the most notable being an archer with red eyes. Then I teleported myself into a steel military base back on Earth, fighting more (new) monsters. John Romero worked on this version before being removed from id Software.

It was only a demo; this version of Quake II was never fully released, being replaced with the Strogg shooter j…

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UberSoldat93 UberSoldat93 17 January 2023

Attention all QuakeWiki members!

Wikia has recently suffered a Javascript attack resulting in user information being compromised. This attack was specifically for the FNAF wiki, but a few other wikis were also affected.


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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 10 August 2015


Okay, so, for some reason when I try to finish Scourge of Armagon in GL mode, the programme crashes when I reach The Crypt. It seems to function finely in software mode, though. The problem is that the hud and the text are tiny when I select a good resolution in software mode, so I have to look closely to make sure that I di’n’t miss anything.

Anyway, for a while I’ve been meaning to do a marathon (in a solitary server, admittedly) of Scourge, but most days I would either have to sleep or I’d become distracted, so I’ve been delaying it for a while. Yet by the time I reached the second episode tonight, I desired to quit (and I did). It may be because I replayed the first episode several times already, but regardless, I may be going on anothe…

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 3 August 2015

Whispers from the past...

When we think about the ancient days of id Software and the Commander Keen series, the first thing that comes to mind is the first historical reference to Quake, when this was the name of the character, not the game itself.

However, there is another, more subtle connection that many people overlook - the Standard Galactic Alphabet (SGA). It's a fictional language system that replaces English letters with "galactic" letters (the words are still normal words). And the funny thing is that one of these letters looks suspiciously similar to a familiar object from Quake.

Take a look at this screenshot (click to see ti larger) - the SGA sign says "POOL". Pay attention to the letter "O". Does it remind you of something? Something that you collect at …

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 1 August 2015

Radioactive Containers

I should clarify that I’ve never been inside of either a military installation or a scientific one. Perhaps they do indeed lay radioactive containers around, but why? What’s the reason? Are they too lazy or too time‐constrained to dump their waste in a landfill? Were some people moving them until they were interrupted? It seems very dangerous to leave explosive substances lying around, especially in places where somebody could facilely misfire their firearms.

Also, what’s in radioactive containers? Nuclear liquids? Do they use nuclear power to… power everything in their bases, maybe? Do the containers contain something utile?

Can somebody with a knowledge of nuclear materials shed any light on this?

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 25 July 2015

Quake Monsters Genealogy!

Brace yourselves for a long and highly analytical (as well as somewhat speculative) blog post tracing the awesome genealogy of Quake 1's monsters throughout id Software's games - their predecessors (in terms of appearance, gameplay mechanics or spirit) and their successors.

I hope you enjoy it (I invested a lot of effort and time into it). Let's begin!

  • 1 Rottweiler
    • 1.1 Predecessors
    • 1.2 Successors
  • 2 Grunt
    • 2.1 Predecessors
    • 2.2 Successors
  • 3 Enforcer
    • 3.1 Predecessors
    • 3.2 Successors
  • 4 Knight
    • 4.1 Predecessors
    • 4.2 Successors
  • 5 Death Knight
    • 5.1 Predecessors
    • 5.2 Successors
  • 6 Ogre
    • 6.1 Predecessors
    • 6.2 Successors
  • 7 Scrag
    • 7.1 Predecessors
    • 7.2 Successors
  • 8 Zombie
    • 8.1 Predecessors
    • 8.2 Successors
  • 9 Fiend
    • 9.1 Predecessors
    • 9.2 Successors
  • 10 Rotfish
    • 10.1 Predecessors
    • 10.2 Successors
  • 11 Vore
    • 11.1 Predecessors
    • 11.2 Successor…

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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 25 July 2015

To whomever may be interested

I have created a twitch channel which shall serve as a place to check out various things, often not related to Quake, I am streaming.


Anyone interested is welcome to stop by, I stream whenever I feel like it, though to keep to a schedule I try to do it at 12 AM EST. As said, whenever I feel like it for days, so I might or might not be streaming a certain day. If you miss a stream, don't worry, all videos are also being recorded normally and should be up shortly on my random Youtube channel (in comparison to my Thief channel). This is also done for archiving purposes, Twitch keeps videos for only 14 days which isn't something I exactly like. Still, it is a nice medium which is popular and allows for peopl…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 23 July 2015

Why is there a teleporter in Shub’s pit?

For some reason, Shubby’s pit has a teleporter that travels throughout the level and sometimes passes through her. This object is quite utile for you, but given its alien nature it’s extremely improbable that an Earthling ever built it, and given the absence of candidates, I think that it’s safe to bet that Shubby or her minions constructed it. But why would they construct it? It seems very counter‐intuitive (unless maybe she’s suicidal for whatever reason). It’s like a self‐destruct button, but it destroys only the mistressmind as opposed to her and everything near her. Was she suicidal or worried about becoming suicidal?

It’s possible that the teleporter was created with a pacific purpose. Maybe… exporting new minions? Are her children cr…

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 22 July 2015


I have probably mentioned several times before that I write dark poetry from time to time, but I have yet to show you some of it... well, here is a good exampleo f the stuff that I write.

I started writing dark poems when I was about 15 or so. It was a good way to clear my head of some negative thoughts and emotions. Plus, it was my way of making a statement and telling the world how I felt about life and everything.

This particular poem was written in 2012, I think - around the time I joined this Wiki. Enjoy!

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 21 July 2015

Who’s leaving all this crap lying around‽

A typical cliché in old school first‐person shooters is the tendency to insert munition, firearms, and other equipment where one would not normally expect to find them. This is pardonable in environments populated by people (Wolfenstein 3D), and Quake indeed has a few maps where this is more comprehensible. But most of the game does not take place in these areas. Armour, munition, Biosuits, healthkits, and firearms are scattered across primitive dimensions.

Who’s leaving this crap lying around, and why? I have a hypothesis: some marines were sent, before you, to put an end to Quake. They carried all types of equipment around, but they were not strong enough to persevere, so their spoils scattered the realms of Quake. As for why their corpses ar…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 20 July 2015

Finding oddities

Deathstalker is occupied reading a book series and replaying Thief, so I don’t have much scheduled for next week (or this week, depending on your calendar). I became so tired of worrying about and neglecting my damn studies that I’m cancelling a subscription to an educational resource so that I can relax for a while. I’ll probably acquire my General Education Degree at a later point, but right now I think that it’s best that I try something different and wait until I’m serious and prepared to continue my education. Perhaps I’m still immature, even being twenty‐one.

Anyway, I want to talk about discovering oddities in Quake. Yesternight, Deathstalker and I were playing a level titled I must break you. Prophetic, but it actually added more conf…

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 18 July 2015


I’m attempting to identify the mysterious items in this image. The one with the cylinders is almost certainly for a diving suit, but the other two are less certain. My guess is that the cube spells NIN, but if so, why? Maybe it was supposed to increase the munition capacity à la Doom’s backpack? Maybe it was a magic item? It’s quite difficult to determine. As for the boots, it’s possible that the designers were planning on including a powerup for increasing speed, then decided that it was ultimately useless. (A less probable hypothesis is that it was meant to help people manœuvre through slime, but that would have been obviously redundant given the Biosuit symbol.)

These are (of course) mere conjectures. If you know (or may know) what these …

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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 17 July 2015

I’m not dead yet

I spent a few weeks sans contributing. I’ve been busy playing games like Fallout & Fallout 2, using Facebook more, and reading. I hope that I di’n’t give anybody the impression that I would be gone forever; I was just distracted. My interests are rotating again, and I’ve been itching to play Quake with somebody. Heck, I might even make more walkthroughs later. I’ve been viewing Deathstalker’s Quake videos, and I still have some catching up to do.

Anyway, I just desire to let you people know that I’m not quitting and I’m not giving up on Quake. I’ve just been rotating. Hopefully, we can play together soon.

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 7 July 2015

Quake Wiki Archeology

Some of you have probably been tempted to use the Wayback Machine to see what this Wiki looked like 1, 2, 5 or even more years ago.

I like doing this and I think of myself as a "Quake Wiki archeologist", so to speak. And, of course, the most interesting period is the one before my arrival here - a strange and dark terra incognita.

Anyway, sometimes I find some pretty interesting things while digging through the archives. For example, did you know that in mid-2011, the background of the Wiki was bright red and orange. This is, in fact, the skybox of Stroggos from Quake II.

It doesn't look bad, but a dark background is definitely better, so I am glad they changed it (I smell Deathstalker involvement in this).

Take a look at the screenshot below..…

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 6 July 2015

"I must break you" (the fan fic)

A flash of light. Then silence. Ranger looked around and his eyes started to adjust to the new situation.

He was in a large room. Arranged beside the wall was a line of enemies - one of each type. And at the end were weapons and powerups.

"Hah, really?" Ranger mused, "This is your evil plot? How pathetic."

He was laughing, yet the monsters did not even react. Great - they were arranged in line AND deaf. The forces of darkness were really making themselves look foolish this time.

I must break you -- whispered Shub-Niggurath.

"You are welcome to try, slime-ball," Ranger growled and got to work. He casually strolled to the bunch of weapons and ammo, grabbed a Quad Damage, and a few seconds later the monsters were all dead.

"And this wasn't even your…

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 15 June 2015

Quake Wiki's Ten Commandments

The law of this Wiki, as carved on ancient stone tablets...

  • 1. I am Quake Wiki which has brought thee a bounty of information and detailed walkthroughs. Thou shallt have no other Wikis before me!
  • 2. Thou shallt not make any graven hi-res source port image of anything that is within the world of Quake!
  • 3. Thou shallt not take the name of Deathstalker (the mightiest of Admins) in vain!
  • 4. Thou shallt not borrow information from inferior Quake-related sites!
  • 5. Thou shallt not vandalize pages!
  • 6. Thou shallt not write with improper spelling and grammar!
  • 7. Thou shallt not tolerate red links!
  • 8. Thou shallt not post Quake 5 speculation!
  • 9. Thou shallt not complain about the quality of Q2/Dark Hour/Aftershock levels! (you're spoiled!)
  • 10. Thou shallt not…
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Vorknkx Vorknkx 30 May 2015

Chatting with Crash

One of the pretty funny (but often overlooked) features of Quake 3 Arena is that bots can chat - most of them utter various taunts and reactions to being fragged, but a few can really "talk" to you and respond when you talk to them.

Crash is probably the most talkative bot - she can tell you quite a lot, if you're willing to spend some time chatting with her. Check the screenshot below!

And by the way, Orbb once mentioned something about my "female parental unit". That was really subtle :P

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Vorknkx Vorknkx 26 May 2015

Funny and weird translations

Today I was reminded of something very funny that I had seen a few years ago - translated names of old Bulgarian folklore songs.

This is really weird because these song titles sound very emotional and/or epic in their original form, but become utterly ridiculous and funny when translated into English.

Here are some examples:

  • Mother once had got
  • An old man was dividing shares
  • The mountain sank below the horizon (alternative: The mountain turned upside-down)
  • You are beautiful, my forest
  • Petruna, you many-colored ducky!
  • A song for Petko the Lider (perhaps they meant "Leader"?)
  • Hey, Stana, a town is under construction!
  • Nikola has exclaimed
  • Gergana has lied down for a minute
  • Delio the Bandit has gone out
  • Janissaries are walking around, mum
  • You, Zlata maiden!…
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Deathstalker666 Deathstalker666 19 May 2015

A few hours ago in the computer in front of you...





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