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Human Skeleton

'The wages of sin are death'... and I am handing out paychecks here.


Hey life goes on. Death just goes on longer.


Bones is a playable character in Quake III Arena. He appears to be a glowing teal skeleton. Bones appears in Tier 6. He always wields a Shotgun, like Sorlag, and does not change to other weapons, even after picking up another. He has a jumping characteristic, and does side jumps pretty often to dodge while shooting the Shotgun.


Manual biography

This fearsome foe showcases the powers of the Vadrigar, for it has no true life of its own. But it begs the question: Where do the gibs and blood come from?

Prima Guide biography

Bones is a testament to the awesome power of the Arena Masters. Reputed to have been created from the bones of a long-dead warrior. Bones is an animated skeleton, even more a member of the undead than Patriot or Cadavre. The burning question in the minds of anyone facing Bones is, "Where do the gibs come from?"

Bones, as an artificial undead construct, has never been truly alive and has no idea what life is like. Even more than Orbb, Bones is unaffected by the pain and suffering of others. He is an excellent warrior with any weapon.


  • In the chat lines he mentions himself as an ex-boyfriend of many of the female to taunt foes.
  • His other names in the chat line are "Bonesy", "Stiffy" and "Skeleton".