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Bort's QuakeC Mod is a modification for Quake made by Perecli Manole (Bort) on August 16, 1996. Using impulse 99, the player is able to bind a key that allows them to create a holograph of themselves. This holograph will last for ten seconds and a second cannot be activated while the first is present. Usage of the holograph requires 10 Cells. As Monsters do not attack the holograph, this feature is mostly useful for Deathmatch games.

This mod also includes some shells that appear out of the Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun when fired.

By pressing impulse 98, the player can fire a grappling hook at various surfaces, whereupon they will be drawn to said area. The player can release their hold at any time by pressing impulse 97. This costs no Ammo and can be used at any time. If it hits a player or Monster, it will cause around 10 damage per second.


Shell particles hitting the ground

Initial collision with a surface
Collision with an opponent


Version History

v2.2 - October 9, 1996

  • Compiled for Quake 1.06.
  • New Demo video. Unlike the previous, this one is compatible with modern Source ports.
  • Added a grappling hook.
  • The hologram now appears to be firing a Super Nailgun constantly, thereby making players more likely to react to the apparent danger.

v1.0 - August 16, 1996

  • Official release