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Bouncing Betty's for QUAKE is a modification for Quake made by John Allensworth. Inspired by Blown Away, this features a mine that the player can deploy by pressing impulse 71. The mine then waits for an opponent to run over the mine before jumping up and firing a bunch of nails into them. These nails will not injure the person who deployed the mine.

Note that this modification is broken and thus cannot be properly compiled. This modification features two modded .QC files and two unique .QC files. The Readme states the proper load order (both before ITEMS.QC) that the player must set up.

However, even if this is done correctly, BOUNCER.QC shall not know what values "crandom" and "blasttimer" mean. "Crandom" is a value defined in Weapons.QC, which must be run after ITEMS.QC (trying to run this modification after ITEMS.QC shall result in even more errors). "Blasttimer" is not a defined value.