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Breeze Plus is a series of converters made by Zeb that would input .nff files (which in turn could be converted from .cad files) made in Breeze and output them as .map files. A batch file called "MAKE" would execute the process and convert the file, extensions were not required and including such would make the program fail to find the proper file.

The program would first be converted from a .nff file to .mp1. It would then be converted from .mp1 to .seb. Finally it would be converted from .seb to .map.

Textures were supported, by selecting "ADD" from a series of menus the user could add any texture they desired from a Quake .wad file. Upon saving the level, a large number of error messages would appear about texture definitions; this was a known problem, but caused no issues in the conversion process. A program called RIPTEX ripped the textures in Breeze for usage in Quake.

An example file (both in .cad and .nff, the latter of which being intended for conversion) was included with the program, but trying to use the program to convert the file would result in a runtime error. As Zeb was working on numerous projects at the same time, he considered this a "spare time" project and therefore this program is relatively rushed and unpolished.