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CTAGGUNS is a modification for Quake made by This features a collection of various modifications that the author liked.

General Gameplay Changes

  • Backpacks dropped by Monsters drop a random amount of Ammo.
  • Use impulse 20 to drop a Backpack full of Ammo. Note however that it will drop on the player, resulting in the player trying to drop it immediately picking it up, making said feature worthless.
  • Solidmon was included, though certain Monsters such as the Death Knight and Fiend do not have solid corpses. It is possible to get stuck on opponents if they die too close to the player. Furthermore, corpses can be pushed around by walking into a dead opponent, while corpses can be moved across by jumping on top of them.
  • Ogres can run out of grenades after several shots, meaning they will only be able to attack using their chainsaw.
  • Various Weapons have different modes, able to be selected by pressing the same Weapon again.

New Weapon Modes

  • Double-Barrelled Shotgun - Proximity Mine. Even though it is an alternate mode for the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, it acts and looks like a Grenade Launcher except that the projectile fires directly ahead instead of in an arc. After a few moments, the Proximity Mine will begin beeping. This is a warning that it is activated; players that get too close will set off the Proximity Mine, which will explode. The Proximity Mine requires Rockets, 0 Rockets will prevent it from firing, but the only Ammo consumed are 2 Shells (the visual display will appear to show Rockets decreasing, but switching between Weapons will show the Rocket reserve is fine). The model and sound were taken from proxmin1.
  • Nailgun - Tag Gun. Unique to this modification, this mode costs 5 Nails. Firing this projectile at an opponent will result in them being tracked with a high-pitched voice continually stating "I'm over here".
  • Grenade Launcher - Pipe Bomb. Allows the player to bounce grenades off opponents without hitting them. The only time the grenade detonates is when the player decides by pressing impulse 26.
  • Rocket Launcher - Homing Missile. Costs 3 Rockets per use. Attempts to track an opponent with a rocket, automatically moving towards them.


A Proximity Mine colliding with a solid surface / Tag Gun colliding with an opponent
A Proximity Mine is active
Tag Gun being fired
"I'm over here" being sent from a Tag Gun projectile