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P cadaver
Biographical information
Physical description



5'11" (1.80 m)[1]


315 lbs. (142 kg)[1]


Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun

Additional information

Undead Human

To the victor goes the spoiled... and the ripe and the rotting. Yummm!

—Cadaver, upon being victorious

Cadaver is a playable character in Quake III Arena. He appears to be a mutilated corpse in an orange prison jumpsuit. He favors the Rocket Launcher and Lightning Gun.


Manual biography

Cadavre is a brutal murderer who couldn't be executed. The electric chair, gallows, and gas chamber only made him meaner.


Cadaver is what his name implies, one of the living dead. In life, he was a heinously vile, mass-murderer and condemned to the electric chair. Before he could fry, he was claimed by the Masters of the Arenas.[1]

Prima Guide biography

Certainly the most evil creature to populate the Arena Eternal is Cadavre, an animated corpse bent on continuing the destruction he wrought in life. A convicted murderer many times over, no one is sure the exact number of victims Cadavre claimed in his lifetime. It is known that during a prison break, he wiped out a baker's dozen of victims, including eight other inmates and three anti-death penatly protesters camped outside the prison. Cadavre is a bloated and evil creature, still dressed in his prison orange, whose sagging innards hang from his distended belly. There is nothing good left in Cadavre, if there ever was anything good to begin with.

Despite his obviously evil bent, Cavadre isn't particularly vengeful or aggressive. He's also not concerned with self-preservation. He generally prefers to work with a rocket launcher, turning his opponents into the gibs that resemble his body. His speech is gross and disgusting, almost as much as his physical appearance.


  • In the manual and Prima Guide, his name is spelled Cadavre.
  • He shares his model and voice with Biker and Hossman.