The Cluster Launcher is a Weapon that is similar in appearance, sound, and functionality to a Grenade Launcher. Instead of launching a single grenade however, the initial grenade fired by a Cluster Launcher will break apart into seven cluster grenades.

This Weapon can be used by pressing the button bound to impulse 25 or impulse 70. While it was originally set to impulse 25, it was later changed since there was more available space for further inclusions.

While the Cluster Launcher does not have a pickup message, it is acquired when the player gets a Grenade Launcher. Note that the Cluster Launcher is a separate entity however; using a cheat to acquire a Grenade Launcher will not give the player a Cluster Launcher.


The Cluster Launcher is very similar to the Grenade Launcher, except that the player is firing 7 grenades in bulk instead of individual shots. This means that the Cluster Launcher is useful in cases where a player needs to clear a room or just have a wider radius of destruction than the standard Grenade Launcher would offer.



  • Quicker than firing 7 grenades with a Grenade Launcher.
  • Spreads apart, allowing for useful dispersion into a room if fired from around a corner.
  • Extremely similar to a Grenade Launcher; players familiar with the former will find there isn't much of a learning curve.


  • Costs 7 Rockets per shot, one per each Cluster Bomb.
  • Doesn't allow for direct control over the Cluster Bombs, just the initial grenade, meaning potentially greater waste of Rockets.
  • A wider damage radius for opponents also means a wider radius to risk Splash Damage, meaning it is even easier for a player to injure themselves.

Death Messages

Death by Own Cluster Bomb

  • "Player" becomes bored with life

Death by Enemy Cluster Bomb

  • "Player" chokes down "Attacker"'s cluster bomb
  • "Player" was gibbed by "Attacker"'s cluster bomb (if target is Gibbed)