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Unit 1

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Key (Q2)

  • Primary: Establish communication link to command ship.
  • Secondary:
    • Locate communication center.
    • Use blue key-card to enter alien bunker installation.
    • Locate unit exit and kill all resistance.

The Comm Center is the third level of Unit 1 of Quake 2. It introduces Gunners and Parasites for the first time (unless the player has already visited the Lost Station)

The Comm Center is primarily one large building. The lower levels have been flooded after the recent TCM bombardment, while the upper chambers are storage rooms filled with ammunition, other supplies, and computer equipment. The most important room houses both the communications array and the blue Key, which grants access to a section of the complex that leads back into the Installation. The Comm Center building is more heavily guarded than the areas faced previously, and contains several hazards such as toxic waste and explosives.

The player's task is to locate and activate the Communication Center and retrieve orders. He/she must then collect the blue key and use it to enter the Installation.


Secondary objective: Locate communication center.

The level begins at the bottom of the sewer pipe you dropped down at the end of the previous level. There is a flooded chamber ahead with a platform covering most of the floor; jump into the water and swim under the platform to retrieve a case of 5 grenades if you need them. This room does not contain much else of interest, so follow the corridor on the far side of the room from where you started and kill the light guard at the end of it. The corridor leads to a larger flooded chamber guarded by light guards and an enforcer. Kill them, and then collect the bullets, shotgun shells, and rebreather from the walkway. At this point, it is highly recommended that you jump into the water and proceed to the Lost Station to retrieve the super shotgun, as things start to get more difficult up ahead.