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Two players fight two Zombies in E3M2: The Vaults of Zin in Quake

In a co-op game, you and your friends work together to finish the level. When one person exits, everyone else exits too, wherever they might be. If you are killed in co-op, you reappear at the start area, and have to catch up to your buddies. Use Talk to find out where they are. See the Multiplayer options on the Main Menu for more info.

Quake Manual

Another multiplayer mode is Cooperative or "co-op." In a co-op game, up to four players can join in a game to combat the monsters of Stroggos as a team. The rules for this method of play are similar to a single player game, except up to four people can go after the enemy together. If you are killed in co-op, you reappear at the start area, and have to catch up to your buddies.

—Quake 2 Manual

Cooperative or Co-op is a Game Mode present in Quake and Quake 2 where multiple players can labor together to finish a level containing Monsters. Unlike Single Player, dying does not equate losing. Instead, the dead player will respawn, only sans the items acquired during their progress in the current level. Friendly fire may still injure fellow players, depending on the server’s configuration. If Teamplay is activated and the players wear the same color of pants in Quake or the same skin/color in Quake 2, they shall be unable to injure one another.

While items do not respawn in Cooperative, some items will remain totally independent of who acquires them. Eight players can all acquire the same weapon or key and it shall still exist. In Quake Powerups, 15 Health or 25 Health, Backpacks, and Ammo do not respawn; but both Weapons and Ammo can be acquired from dead players. When playing a Cooperative match it's important to share ammo and health with other players.

Since players always respawn under vanilla condition, the game becomes much easier in the process. Some multiplayer game servers can modify this by means of each player having one life, or by addition of harder enemies to the game. Therefore it's advised to take caution in such situations in order to survive.


  • One player can lure a enemy into a room to which the other players are on, thus allowing the other players to take down the opponent easily, in Quake for example, up to two or three players can take down an Shambler with full health using a Axe. This tactic is specially useful when saving ammo.
  • Infighting can be used as an advantage by the players, thus allowing for ammo saving.
  • As stated above, it is quite important to share ammo and health with fellow companions, since by default these don't respawn. Try to save health for later, if you're in the 100-80 health values.
  • In Quake II, one can climb on another player's back to reach otherwise unacessible places, such as boxes.
  • If friendly fire is on, it's recommended to wait so other players can get a shot at their targets, this is crucial in tight corridors.