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Corrupted keep is 2nd map themed to dimension of the doomed in Quake Champions.

Map info[]

Corrupted keep is small sized map designed for Duel, she is one of the most Popular maps in game among competitive players and in tournaments.


Only two features stand above Oriab’s molten barrens: the colossal monument to the Greatsword of Nodens, and the searing citadel that faces its blade.


monument of the noden's greatsword


The Great Spinal Hall[]

Beneath the colossal shantak bones lies a testament to Goroth. The Mega Health a symbol of the life we give in servitude to the The Sire of Embers. The slipgate at his feet leads one upward to the Lightning Gun. A broken wall section nearby often allows for a quick escape along with a few important Cooldown Hourglasses before fleeing towards Noden’s Outcropping.


The great spinal hall

Noden’s Outcropping[]

A quick retreat away from the Mega Health, Noden’s Outcropping gives vista to the Greatsword monument. Here the Heavy Machinegun, two Small Healths and a Light Armor allow players to quickly gear up, but be wary of rocket attacks that could send you flying into the molten barrens below.

Corrupted Keep - Nodens Outcropping

nodens outcropping

Inner Courtyard[]

The lower level of the courtyard is surrounded by second story stone balconies that will leave any player below wishing for high ground. A jumppad at the end of the courtyard can provide that escape, with a Rocket Launcher as a reward for any that makes it safely to the top. When played in DM or TDM, the Power-Up spawns in the center of the courtyard.

Corrupted Keep - Inner Courtyard

inner courtyard

Barbican Tower[]

This narrow tower surrounding the Heavy Armor provides only brief sanctity to players, as it can easily be assaulted from three sides. The slipgate can grant a quick escape toward the Inner Courtyard or you can try to flee on ground up the covered hall towards rockets or towards the Ember of Cthugha.

Corrupted Keep - Barbican Tower

barbican tower

Ember of Cthugha[]

Beneath the eternally burning spark, a single fallen ember of Cthugha, lies a Light Armor and a staircase leading to a Super Nailgun. But the room is perhaps most often coveted for two Small Healths on the upper ledge that can quickly provide restore a wounded player.

Corrupted Keep - Ember of Cthugha

ember of cthugha

slipgates's teleporters[]

  • as it was written above The Great spinal hall's slipgate is teleport to behind of goroth's statue where you find lightning gun immediately after taking the weapon, jump onto the parapet where there are hourglasses, as the opponents can support you from any side.
  • Barbican tower's slipgate teleports To the bridge which is part of 2nd floor of keep and connected with barbican tower tri-bolt building and with the great spinal hall upper floor.

Spawn locations[]

  • The Great Spinal Hall, player can spawn in ground lower or upper floor left side or right side behind Goroth's statue.
  • Left passage of barbican tower.
  • the corner in front of the super shotgun,also player can spawn in front of the super shotgun from building entrance way to the RL room.
  • noden's outcropping,player can spawn in the ground or upper floor of this location.
  • in the Rocket Launcher room.
  • Ember of cthugha The player may spawn in the first level of the staircase where there is a super nailgun and in 2nd and 3rd levels too,also Player can spawn in the lower passage to this room or among this room.
  • Among the middle of inner courtyard.
  • barbican tower's Bridge fork in keep's second floor.
  • Tri-bolt tower room both in ledge and inside room.
  • Building entrance way to RL room this building is connected with tri-bolt tower room, spawn can be in begging of way,in middle of way and in end staircases where is passage to this weapon.


  • this map don't include only one weapon it's railgun and ammo to him,only one way get this weapon in this map just play clan arena mode.
  • She and Blood Run was originaly after adding to the game as duel-only maps,The same situation was repeated with Vale of Pnath.
  • Nodens is the elder god and lord of the nightgaunts created by H.P Lovecraft first appeared in short story the strange high house in the mist
  • Cthugha Is great old one he Created by August derleth first appeared in short story The House on Curwen Street from trial of cthulhu series.