Cougar Squad was one of the squads present at the second invasion of Stroggos. Although Cougar Squad is mentioned over the radio they are never actually seen as all of the squad was Killed In Action during the attack on the Data Processing Tower. When they try to secure and help out the Rhino Squad.


  • "Rhino Squad be aware that Cougar Squad is incoming. They will be waiting at the Processing Tower shortly."
  • "HQ HQ, this is Cougar Squad, we got trouble."
  • "We're almost to the Processing Tower. But we have been intercept by a Strogg Flyers"
  • "Mayday, mayday, my pod is being hit. I am going down, I am going down."
  • "They're all around of us, we need air support."
  • "Since, I'm coming in too fast."
  • "Navigation is out. Damn it, my pod is hit, I'm coming in too rough."
  • "We're screwed! We are totally FUBAR!"

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