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DECOY PATCH is a modification for Quake made by Jason Busby. Inspired by Duke Nukem 3D, this mod allows the player to create a hologram of themselves by pressing impulse 31. This hologram will appear to be an unskinned player, but will bob up and down to give the illusion that they are real. Using impulses 33-34, the player can turn the hologram as needed, thus allowing the hologram to be angled as needed. Note that Monsters will not see the hologram, limiting its functionality to Deathmatch games.

Note that while this feature is referred to as a hologram, Jason Busby added additional features. These additional features go beyond what he felt belonged in a hologram, thus resulting in him renaming the entity as a decoy. However, he did not take the time to change the messages in the game, resulting in all messages still referring to the entity as a hologram.

By pressing impulse 35, the player can detonate the decoy at any time, provided they have two Rockets. Note that the decoy will turn off automatically after a minute; it can be turned off manually by pressing impulse 31 again. Impulse 36 can be used to activate a built-in camera that allows the player to see the world through the eyes of the decoy.