Claustrophobopolis is the second Deathmatch level of Quake. The name, which is a merging of the words claustrophobia and metropolis, comes from the overall tight nature of the map whilst being rather expansive. While lacking in Weapons, the level makes up for it in Armor and 100 Health Powerups, which means that this level is great for quickly building up a good defense. A single frag is more valuable here due to the ability of the other player to quickly restore their health. The various Traps and dark lighting contribute to this being a great level for campers. Many criticizers feel that too few kills causes the game to get boring, with the slower paced gameplay meaning that this map has been referred to at times as a "Counterstrike map". However, even with all the criticism, this level is one of the most popular Deathmatch maps packaged with the game.

This is the only level lacking its own music, meaning the music that the player hears in this level will come from the last music track played (which comes from whatever level the player was last on). For example, Conscience will continue playing if the player loads the level from the Demo screen. If accessing the level directly from Autoexec.cfg, no music track will play.

Spawn Locations

  • Nailgun alcove of Water Room.
  • In between staircases of Lava Staircase Room.
  • Right alcove of Water Room.
  • Staircase alcove of Lava Bridge Room.
  • Shootable Button Room by corridor leading to Elevator.
  • Pathway of the main portion of the Lava Bridge Room.
  • Bottom of staircase of Multi-Level Hallway leading to Crucified Painting Room.
  • One of the two staircases of Crucified Painting Room.
  • Alcove at bottom of staircases in Lava Staircase Room.

Important Item Locations



Room-by-Room Summarization

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis

Lava Staircase Room

Water Room

Shootable Button Room

Multi-Level Hallway

Crucified Painting Room

  • 100 Health, Grenade Launcher, and Rockets in far alcove of upper floor.
  • 2 Yellow Armors, one on each side of the room; both are found in a box that must be dropped into.
  • 2 Buttons, or one near corridor with 2 Moving Floors and other near opposite side corridor, slides 2 Movable Walls, one for each box, so that a player trying to get a Yellow Armor is crushed.
  • 2 Buttons, one in each box, causes the Floor to slide out and drop anybody in the room not currently on a staircase or in a box into the Lava below.
  • 2 Teleporters, one in each box, allow the player to exit the box and reach the center of the room.
  • The upper floor is made of two alcoves on opposite sides of the room which can be accessed by a Moving Platform sliding between them.
  • Elevator on near alcove of upper floor leads to upper floor of Multi-Level Hallway.

Lava Bridge Room

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