Basin or Basin DM is the first level of DEATHMATCH Maps. This level is considered by Jim Lowell to be his first serious attempt to make a level in THRED. This level mainly consists of a single room with multiple levels, the bottom being submerged in a pool of Water. A .3DT version of this map is included with THRED as an example file.

This level has a Level Exit, a Teleporter, which can be easily accessed by hopping over a small barrier. The level incorrectly links to ASDM02 instead of DMAS02.

This level is a slightly modified version of the original version, Entering Basin. Unlike the aforementioned level, there is a music track, The Journey. Due to the Aftershock Level Theme, the Movable Wall on the top floor is also a proper Door. There is also no custom message upon exiting the level.

The Aftershock Toolbox comes with a modified version of this level that properly goes to DMAS02: DeCarlo. This file is intended to be used with the original Aftershock for Quake since DMAS02 is not provided in the Aftershock Toolbox.

Quick Level Completion

  • Proceed forward to head off the platform and drop into the Water.
  • Turn around, then go through the doorway to your left to reach a small room.
  • Proceed forward to reach an Elevator.
  • Wait for the Elevator to ascend, then turn around.
  • Proceed forward and head through the Door.
  • Jump over the small barrier, then proceed forward to exit the level.

Spawn Locations

Important Item Locations



Room-By-Room Summarization

DMAS01 - Basin

DMAS01 - Basin

Water Level

First Outer Lip

Central Platform

Second Outer Lip

Top Floor

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