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Dark Bot is a modification for Quake made on October 29, 1996 by Dark_Skye. This bot is intended to be a further expansion of the earlier BG Bot.

The Dark Bot is somewhat like BotSkin, it is a complete overhaul of the earlier mod to make bots appear to be like a player while also adding individual names and MultiSkin skins. MultiSkin support has also been added for the player. Unlike BotSkin, Dark Bot is a simpler overhaul, meaning it more closely resembles BG Bot than other bots released in October of 1996.

Each use of impulse 100 now spawns two bots instead of one, one is named Lady*Vampirella and the other V[irth. All hostile bots cycle between the Bossk and Knight Skins. In Cooperative or Single Player, a single bot will spawn instead known as "unconnected" that will be "unleashed", all bots on the player's team use the Black Death Skin.

Impulse 123 can be used to show the version number, along with a message that "Satan says it is good for you".

Impulse 205 summons 3 bots; Dark_Moon, Lady*acidburn, and V[ame. Dark_Moon is on the player's team, the other two are hostile.

Impulse 206 is very similar to impulse 205, but spawns different bots. Dark_Stalker, Lord*Grendel, and V[ayhem are included in said impulse. Dark_Stalker is on the player's team, the other two are hostile. Unlike the other two impulses, the hostile bots cycle between the Boba Fett and Knight Skins.

Note that all bots can give a frag to the player, even if said bot is on the same team as the player, making it beneficial to kill all bots regardless of hostility.

A Dark Bot, unlike their earlier counterpart, will not disappear on death. Instead they will respawn elsewhere, thus allowing for continued games as opposed to needing to constantly respawn the bots.

While they appear somewhat like a player, the Dark Bot is relatively basic, especially in comparison to other bots of the time like The Reaper Bot. The Dark Bot will stand still while firing. Picking up resources is not audible, plus firing sounds can be unreliable in audibility. They have the mobility of a Monster and cannot jump, nor drop from ledges, meaning they tend to run in circles along a wall. The Dark Bot cannot swim, cannot get injured by Lava, and Telefrag obituaries do not display properly.

Also included in the modification is the ability to fire projectiles and other entities through Teleporters. Note however that this modification causes certain levels to crash the game such as E2M1: the Installation.


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