The Story of Dark Hour


What I am about to tell you is of an extremely delicate and confidential nature. This is regarding our standings against our enemy... Quake.

For months, our soldiers have been laid to waste by the devastating forces of Quake, but this is nothing new to you. What you don't know is that many of those that have been presumed dead are still alive in the Quake home world and held as prisoners of war awaiting execution.

A few days ago, one of our men escaped and had a grim report for me. Our enemy has set up combat arenas and has put our soldiers together, instigating a fight to the death. This is their sick form of execution. They are entertained that we die by our own hands. The sad reality is, that it's happening now as we speak, brother is killing brother and friend is killing friend. Difficult to believe as it is, it's true. The rules are if they don't fight each other, then all are executed by Quake. I was told that this other form of execution is extremely painful. After each DeathMatch is finished, there is only one man left standing. That man lives for at least one more day, but even he must fight again.

Those bastards have used fear and distrust to darken the hearts of many of our soldiers. If word ever got out, it would destroy the morale of all our troops. I'm counting on your discretion on this matter...

You have been chosen for this mission not only because of your combat skills, but because of your leadership. I'm trusting you to go into the Quake home world and help our men return back to Earth. Be careful, many of them have turned to the dark side and are most likely trigger happy.

On this mission, you may meet some soldiers who might be persuaded to return to our side... I want you to use words to persuade them to work as a team in an escape effort. Do not fire under any circumstances unless you have no choice and even then use minimal force. You must try to bring back as many soldiers as you can... alive. They will be needed to fight at your side in future battles. Beware of treachery, some men might pretend to be on your side until you trust them enough to turn your back. They view trust as an act of weakness and back-stabbing as an act of strength.

You'll have to use your instinct to know who's on your side and who is not. To survive this mission you must learn how to think like both an officer and a scoundrel. The code name for this mission is Dark Hour. Good luck.