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Darkplaces engine.

Darkplaces is an Quake Source port or engine developed by LadyHavoc, focusing on limit removing and improved graphics and user-end interface. Darkplaces was developed over the course of the years by its creator, development began on late 2000s when Quake's engine source code was released. LadyHavoc wanted to create a Quake engine which focused on improving the game's graphics, while being compatible with most limit requiring mods and levels.

Darkplaces is recommended for those looking for an graphically improved Quake experience, being famous in the community for its modding potential. It's quite common to observe most HD mods utilize this engine.


  • Real-time rendering of shadows and lights.
  • Support for high resolutions, such as 1920x1200.
  • Improved Quake C scripting.
  • Interpolated model animations, meaning that models will look smooth while animated.
  • Bloom.
  • Support for high-res textures and models.
  • Enhanced particle effects.
  • Support for external music.
  • Built-in NetQuake and QuakeWorld server browsers, Darkplaces servers and clients can use the unique Darkplaces protocol. With unique features such as client side player interpolation and more.
  • Colored lightning support.
  • Support for 64-bit systems.
  • Sound interpolation.
  • Most limits of the original engine removed, now it is possible to play on larger maps.


Darkplaces supports external music to be played, To do this:

  • First create a directory under ID1 named sound.
  • Create a new directory under the sound folder named cdtracks.
  • Place the music files here, Can be either ogg or mp3. Ogg is mostly recommended, You can convert music files here [1]
  • Name them accordingly Ex: Track002.ogg Quake used Track001 for data, Name them until Track011.

Quake's soundtrack can be downloaded here [2]

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