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Death Match Stats is a modification for Quake made by Stephen D. Taht. Designed for Deathmatch, this mod was inspired by the visual information found in Duke Nukem 3D and Descent. When impulse 15 is pressed (the key can be manually bound to whatever the player desires), a matrix appears that shows a list of players in the server. Instead of the standard menu, this allows the player to see who precisely killed who, as well as allow for visible suicides (shown where the column and header are equal). Note for this to work properly, everyone on the server must have the modification installed in precisely the same way.

Note this mod does rely on the player having a small name. Names larger than five characters will result in the columns being unaligned. Furthermore, the screen size limits the matrix to six players. While "impulse 15" can be shown momentarily as text information on the screen, it disappears after a moment, meaning the player must enter the Console if they wish to examine it in geater detail.