The most popular way to play Quake II multiplayer is a Deathmatch, which has no monsters, just player versus player! The goal of the game is to kill your opponents more often than they kill you. Each kill counts for one "frag," and if you kill yourself then you lose a frag, thus it's not a great idea to go swimming in the lava or juggle your own grenades. After you die, press the space bar to reappear, or "respawn," in the game. You’ll be brought back at one of several random respawn locations.

Quake II Manual

Deathmatch is a Game Mode where the players must slay each other using weapons in the map. In Deathmatch, objects taken will disappear for a moment, but return later. Any Quake II map can be used for Deathmatch. In fact, there are slightly different versions of all of the official singleplayer maps which are designed for Deathmatch, and six maps made specifically for it.


  • Teamplay, which may be set to “Friendly Fire,” “No Friendly Fire” and “Off.”
  • A frag limit, meaning that the match terminates when a player acquires a certain amount of kills. The limit is always decadic and must range from 10 to 100.
  • A time limit, where the match terminates based on the time reached. The number must be fivefold or tenfold and can range from 5 to 60 minutes.