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DeeP FLICK is showing now! is a Single Player and Multiplayer level in Aftershock for Quake.

In Deathmatch, it is intended for 4 players or less. There are no intentional differences between the Single Player and Deathmatch versions of this map, though a Super Nailgun falls out of the map on the Single Player version while remaining existent in Multiplayer.

This level was remade in Welcome to THEATER3 for the Aftershock Toolbox.


Turn around to kill a Grunt. Turn around once more, then start to proceed down the corridor. Kill the Grunt at the end of the corridor, then turn left and enter the alcove. Turn left, then start to proceed up the alcove. Two Movable Walls and a Door exist on the wall to the right and allow access to the next room, ignore these temporarily and instead collect the Cells by the Door. Turn right, then go through the Door to enter the next room. Kill the 2 Grunts to the right, 2 Grunts straight ahead, and 2 Grunts to your left. Turn right, then proceed forward to reach a central platform. Collect the Quad Damage to your left and Quad Damage to your right. Turn left, then head to the upper left corner of the room. Turn right to reach a small Wall that will lower to allow access to the bar. Ignore the Door straight ahead as it is simply a direct route to the opposite side of the bar, instead taking the outer curve of the bar to your right. Kill the Shambler, then follow the curve to collect two 25 Health on the frontal portion of the bar. Ignore the section of bar straight ahead as it simply leads to another small Wall that lowers to allow entry to the bar, instead turning around and leaving the bar via the Wall you used to enter it. Proceed straight ahead to reach a corridor. Ignore the Door to your left, instead heading down the corridor and killing 2 Enforcers. Collect the Nailgun beside a Door near the end of the corridor. The exit Door to your left is locked, so instead go through the Door straight ahead to reach an alcove. Collect the 25 Health, then return to the Door you previously ignored at the opposite end of the corridor. Go through the Door and kill the 2 Enforcers. Kill the 2 Grunts in the upper left corner and the 2 Enforcers near the middle of the room. On the far right side is a large block with a sky texture, kill the Enforcer on the left side before heading to the lower right corner. Kill the 2 Enforcers in the small alcove, then go through the Door to your left. Kill the Enforcer and Shambler inside. Return to the corridor with the exit Door, then start to head towards the bar. Go through a rock Wall to your right to reach a staircase. Head up the stairs, then go through the Door at the top. Kill the Enforcer and collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun. Ignore the left Door as it leads to an alcove that contains nothing, instead going through the Door to the right. Collect the Ring of Shadows in the alcove, then leave the room to return to the staircase. Go up the stairs to your left, then go through the rock Wall to the left to enter the next room. Kill the 2 Enforcers, then collect the Red Armor by the windows overlooking the sky block room. Go through the rock Wall in the lower right corner to reach an alcove, then collect the Red Armor.



DeeP FLICK is showing now!

Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Grunt 10 10 10
Enforcer 13 13 13
Shambler 2 2 2
Total 25 25 25


  • 2 Shells and a second box of Cells are in the alcove of the starting room, though they fall through the level on startup.
  • Shells and a second 25 Health are in the alcove near the exit Door, though they fall through the map on startup.
  • A Double-Barrelled Shotgun is in the alcove of the sky block room opposite the alcove with the Door to the second Shambler, though its bounding box is too close to the wall and therefore it falls out of the level on startup.
  • A 25 Health is on the lip of the sky block, though it falls through the map on startup.
  • A Super Nailgun is in the room with the second Shambler, though it falls out of the level on startup due to the bounding box being too close to the Monster. As this issue does not occur in Deathmatch due the Shambler being nonexistent, the Super Nailgun does work properly in that Game Mode. A 25 Health also exists in this room, though it falls through the map on startup.
  • A Key is in the room connected to the functional Double-Barrelled Shotgun room, opposite the Ring of Shadows room. Most of the Key is in the ceiling, causing it to fall through the map on startup.
  • A 25 Health is at the top of the staircase leading to the Red Armors, though it falls through the map on startup.
  • Shells are in the first Red Armor room, though they fall through the map on startup.


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