The Dire Orb is Ranger's active ability in Quake Champions when used the Orb will be throw at the location which allows Ranger to teleport to the Orb's location. This allows the player to escape when low on health or is ambushed. Dire Orb has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

When the Orb collides with a player as Ranger teleports to it, the target will be telefragged receiving 8000 damage. If Ranger does not use teleportation, orb will deal 100 damage to any player it hits or detonates for 50 damage like a grenade after a certain time passes.

Tips Edit

  • It is best used when the player has low health and needs to escape to a safe location. That can be health pickups, important items or right around a corner to cover.
  • If timed correctly it can be used to telefrag opponents no matter what health or armor. Timing must be precise as it require a model collision. Anyone rushing at you will be harder to nail but you can still pierce through them.
  • Dire Orb can be utilized in faking your intentions by throwing it at the other gates at crossroads or choke points. When you checked what's ahead you can teleport back into it if you wish.
  • The Dire Orb can be also used to reach high areas without the need of Rocket Jump or when the player doesn't have a Rocket Launcher.
  • A Rocket Jump can be used to scatter attention away from your Dire Orb throw. Alternatively Dire Orb can help you to advance in mid-air after a Rocket Jump.

Gallery Edit

Ranger dire orb

Dire Orb in hands of Ranger

Trivia Edit

  • The ability was inspired by the way the player has to defeat Shub-Niggurath in Quake, in the game the player uses a Spiked Sphere which is used to telefrag Shub-Niggurath.