Doom 1 - Episode 1 - Map 1 or D1E1M1 is a Multiplayer level. There is no in-game name for this level, the name comes from documentation included with the file.

This is the first level made by Andy House, designed to be vaguely similar in geometry to E1M1: Hangar from Doom. As the level just was compiled with BSP, there are no lights in the level, nor was the VIS done which means numerous visual errors can occur.

Spawn Locations

  • 4 Pillars Room, side near window to Main Courtyard, opposite side from doorway to Water Alcove Room.
  • Main corridor of Dual Window Room.
  • Side room of Slanted Platforms Room.
  • Water Alcove Room, opposite side from ledge.
  • 2 Pillar Room, upper floor.
  • Main Courtyard, upper floor.

Important Item Locations



Room-By-Room Summarization

Doom 1 - Episode 1 - Map 1

Doom 1 - Episode 1 - Map 1

Main Courtyard

  • Quad Damage in Water.
  • Yellow Armor on upper floor, far side from 4 Pillar Room.
  • Thunderbolt on upper floor, middle of room.
  • Water covers the lower portion of the room, including several holes that allows the player to fall to the skybox surrounding the level.

4 Pillar Room

  • Nailgun between doorways leading to 2 Pillar Room and Water Alcove Room.
  • 3 Cells, 2 beside doorway leading to Water Alcove Room, 1 on opposite side next to Main Courtyard window.
  • Three 25 Health, one beside each pillar besides the one leading to Water Alcove Room.
  • 4 Radioactive Containers, 1 beside each pillar.
  • Pool of Water in middle of room leads to Courtyard.

2 Pillar Room

Water Alcove Room

Slanted Platforms Room

Dual Window Room

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