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Drone is a modification for Quake made by SHoTGuN. This modification changes the Rocket Launcher so that it instead fires a drone.

The drone moves in a straight direction, following the player around while bouncing off walls. The player is not advised to stop moving while one of these is active, they will explode on contact with anything, including the player. While the initial standing position appears to be relatively safe, movement shall result in the drone blowing up.

The drone is a helper for the player that shall attempt to assist the player in getting kills and giving them credit for said kills. They shall do this by launching projectiles identical to those fired by the Enforcer while moving towards their opponent, eventually exploding when they make contact. Note that against Monsters this shall result in more Rockets needing to be used, since the explosion is far less damaging than the normal Rocket Launcher.

While the documentation states that they cannot be damaged by certain Weapons, the Drone does not have a solid hitbox and thus cannot be hit by any weapon, even an explosive like the Grenade Launcher. Note that this can prove problematic, as they can get stuck in walls.

Note also that the drone will also target random Doors and Crucified Zombies, even though it cannot destroy either (though the Crucified Zombie will bleed; the Drone cannot destroy a regular Zombie). This tended to be an issue with early helper AI.


Rocket Launcher being fired
The Drone bouncing off a wall
The Drone firing its projectiles
Drone exploding