SMC Dropship

SMC Dropship inside the Destroyer.

The Dropship is the standard method of planetary deployment for SMC infantry. Not seen in the first invasion of Stroggos, the dropship deploys thousands of troops en-masse during the second invasion.


Fast and nimble, it can outmaneuver and avoid Strogg homing missiles in the hands of a skilled pilot (or a well-programmed AI). Although the Dropship lacks any offensive weaponry, it is armed with anti-ordnance countermeasures for avoiding any anti-aircraft fire, though they are apparently ineffective at confusing the Strogg missiles fired en masse at them.


  • Strangely, only cold female voices are heard from Dropship comm-links, although no pilots are seen. This may mean that dropships could be piloted by female-voiced of Artificial Intelligence or another automated military equivalent, like androids.
  • The closest Strogg counterpart to the Dropship is the Flyer.


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