The Slipgate Complex is the first level of the Dimension of the Doomed. The level serves as a relatively gentle introduction to the gameplay of Quake (even on harder skill settings). It consists of two buildings with a small River between them. The smaller building is where the player starts and it is relatively safer. The larger building is where most of the action takes place - it features several larger rooms, a large Slime pool, and a series of platforms above it.

The only enemies found in this level are Rottweilers and Grunts, which can be easily dispatched with the Shotgun and, later, the Double-Barrelled Shotgun or Nailgun. The Secrets are also easy to find, often having two ways of accessing if the first way is missed.

Quick Level Completion

  • Take first left and ride Elevator down. Cross the bridge and enter the building.
  • Follow the path left to pool of Slime and push Button to reveal bridge.
  • Follow path down ramp whilst pressing three Buttons to open the door at the bottom.
  • Follow corridor to exit.


Proceed forward and head through the archway straight ahead to reach the next room. Turn right, then head to the ledge straight ahead. Jump onto the ledge, then turn right to hit a Wall (#1). Turn around, then return to the floor below. Head to the raised ledge, then turn right to reach a platform. Jump to the ledge straight ahead while ignoring the Door to the right. Turn right, then follow the platform to reach a small alcove while collecting the Shells. Turn right to proceed down the alcove and collect the Green Armor at the end. Return to the Door you previously ignored and go through it. Proceed forward to reach an Elevator, press the Button straight ahead to lower it. At the bottom, turn right to reach an outdoor section. A Button to your right allows for you to lower the Elevator again if needed. Proceed forward to reach a bridge. Turn right and head to the wall to collect two 25 Health, then return to the bridge and cross it to reach the opposite side. Kill the Rottweiler and Grunt. Ignore the Door straight ahead and instead proceed to the upper left corner of the outer section to collect the 15 Health. Return to the bridge, then drop to the left or right side to reach the Water below. Turn left, then head through the archway to reach the next section. Follow the Water to the right, then to your left. Head up a flight of steps to the left to collect a 100 Health (#2). Follow the Water as it heads to the left, then turn right and head to the wall. Turn right once more, then proceed forward to reach an Elevator. Proceed up the Elevator to reach a Wall straight ahead that will open to allow access back to the alcove with the Green Armor.

Return to the previously ignored Door and go through it. Kill the Grunt that patrols in this section and hit the Radioactive Container beside the wall opposite the Door. Turn right to head to a small section containing a pillar. Collect the Shells in the lower left corner. Turn right, then proceed forward to reach the corner overlooked by a ledge. Turn around, then look to your left to hit a Globe, which will cause the section of Floor you are standing on to rise. Turn around once more, then collect the 15 Health in the corner to the left. Hit the Wall to your left with a globe to reveal an alcove beyond (#3). Return to the entrance of the pillar section, then head past the Door. Collect the 15 Health to your right, then head up the small flight of stairs. Turn right at the top, then cross the room while ascending another flight of stairs and killing a Grunt. Ignore the staircase to your right and instead go on the Elevator to the left. Turn around at the top, then follow the platform to the opposite side. Turn left, then cross the bridge to reach a small room. Collect the Nailgun in the middle of the room, which will cause the lights to turn off and for the Wall straight ahead to open to reveal an alcove. Kill the Grunt in the alcove and the Nails on the ledge overlooking the alcove, the latter will cause the lights to come back on. Return to the previously ignored staircase and head up it. Turn right to look over a pit of Slime, then press the Button on the right wall. Turn left, a Ledge was extended when you hit the Button. Cross the ledge to kill 2 Grunts. Return to the middle of the ledge, then turn right to hit a Shootable Button. A Wall will open in the upper right corner to reveal a small alcove (#4). Turn right to cross the ledge once more, then proceed through the archway, continuing forward to reach a wall.

Turn right, then proceed forward down a small staircase. A Wall to the right allows access to (#3). Proceed forward to reach a ramp as a light comes on in the room. Head down the ramp, then continue straight ahead to press a Button. Turn left to kill a Grunt, then head down the ramp straight ahead. The light will turn on as you step onto the ramp, proceed down it to hit another Button. Turn left to head down another ramp with another light that turns on, then collect the 15 Health at the bottom while pressing the Button. Jump onto the ledge to the right, then leap to the light to the left, then turn left to walk onto the Button. Jump to the platform to your right, then turn left to ascend the series of platforms. Turn right at the top to reach a small alcove (#5. Turn left, then return to the floor below as a light turns on behind you. Turn around to descend the ramp, then turn left at the bottom to descend another ramp. Kill the Grunt at the bottom. Collect the Biosuit behind the structure to your right, then turn around to jump into the Slime. Turn around once more, then cross the room to the opposite side. Go through the doorway to your left, then turn left and follow the tunnel to the end. Turn right to follow the next section of Slime tunnel, then follow it to the opposite end. Rise out of the Slime through the hole in the ceiling to reach the platform above (#1), (#6). Return to the bottom of the series of ramps. Go through the doorway straight ahead, this previously contained a Door that was opened by the 3 Buttons in this room. Turn left, then head down the corridor and collect the 15 Health at the end. Turn right, then head up a ramp to kill a Grunt. Collect the Nails to your left beside a Crate, the 15 Health a little further up to your left, and the 25 Health to your right. A Wall by the 25 Health allows for access to (#2). Turn left, then proceed straight ahead to reach the Slipgate by a series of Crates.

Differences from Easy to Normal

Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare

E1M1 - the Slipgate Complex

E1M1 - the Slipgate Complex


At the start of the level, go forward and turn to your right and jump onto the ledge with flashing lights. Text will appear telling you to shoot the wall. Then turn to the right again and shoot the Wall towards the entrance to collect the Shells.
In the outdoor area with the bridge, drop off to the right of it and go through the Water into a cavern to find a 100 Health. The Door is locked until you shoot the wall near the exit Slipgate, thus you must continue swimming on until you reach an Elevator leading back to the Green Armor.
After the bridge area, you will enter a building. To the right is a pillar, and around the back of this pillar is a moving globe sign. Stand as near to the ledge opposite this Moving Globe as possible and shoot it: the Floor should rise to put you on the ledge. Now turn to your right, collect the 15 Health, and shoot a 2nd Moving Globe to open a Wall to find a short passage to a Quad Damage. This area also connects to the corridor after the Slime if you shoot the wall to the right before getting to the stairs.
After pushing a Button to extend a ledge over a pit of Slime, turn to your left while standing on that ledge to find a Shootable Button. Shoot this, then turn to your left to see an alcove behind a Wall containing a Double-Barrelled Shotgun.
When going down the ramp and pushing the 3 Buttons, jump on the light next to the 3rd and final Button. Next, jump onto the Button, and finally jump across to the protruding blocks you should see sticking out of the overhang nearby. This will take you to a 100 Health.
Just after Secret #5 and before moving into the exit corridor, there should be 2 pillars: behind the right one is a Biosuit. Grab this, and then jump in the Slime nearby. There should be a passage that leads to an apparent dead-end, but you can swim up through a hole and collect the two 25 Health, a 15 Health, and a Yellow Armor. A Teleporter leads to an area overlooking the Radioactive Container.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rottweiler 1 5 8
Grunt 9 18 34
Total 10 23 42


E1M1 - the Slipgate Complex (Deathmatch)

E1M1 - the Slipgate Complex (Deathmatch)


Spawn Locations


  • The original name for this level was jrbase1, signifying it was the first idBase map by John Romero.
  • The level originally would start with the player in the outside area at the spot the Elevator lands. The first building was added to show off some of the 3D aspects and allow the player to jump more.
  • As this level was designed to be the first serious level of play, it is intended to give players the ability to get used to the mechanics. The Water under the bridge, for example, starts out shallow before getting deeper. This gives players the ability to get used to swimming in a relatively safe environment.
  • There are more hints given to the player in this level than in later maps, logically due to this being the first level of actual gameplay. The first secret tells the player they can shoot a Movable Wall. Jumping across to the Green Armor alcove presents the player with another message.
  • John Romero designed this level in a similar fashion to other "first level" maps of the time, creating a basic horseshoe shape where the exit is relatively close to the start but requires the player to go around in a "U" shape to reach it. This style was initially created by John Romero for E1M1: The Hangar in Doom. Other levels that have this horseshoe shape include E1F1 of Wolfenstein 3D, Map01: Entryway, made by Sandy Petersen for Doom II, and E1M1: The Docks for Heretic. [1]
  • Another golden design rule of John Romero was that the levels had to be impossible to make in the previous engine. As the big focus on this engine was the use of full 3D, the ceilings were designed with more detail than those found in the Doom series. Other 3D features of this level include the Moving Platform near the Slime that give a visual appearance that it could be moved or walked on, the sloped ramps with the three Buttons, and the 5th Secret with the 100 Health.
  • Another showcased feature was the usage of triggered lights, such as the lights that turned on as the player would descend down the ramps with the three Buttons. Triggered lights were built directly into the engine, meaning that it was rather simple to implement.


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