Gloom Keep is the fifth level of the Dimension of the Doomed. It is a medium-sized castle surrounded by a moat. The Keep features various architecture, including rooms, corridors, stained glass windows and Elevators, as well as a gauntlet-like area with numerous traps such as Nail Traps, Falling Spikes, and the exclusive Sliding Spikes.

This level introduces the Rocket Launcher, if it was not found in E1M8. It also introduces the Shambler on Easy. In this level, the player must find both a Gold Key and Silver Key in order to proceed.

Quick Level Completion

  • Go through the doorway straight ahead and follow the corridors to a central platform with the Silver Door on the floor below.
  • Take the left corridor and follow it to the Silver Key, then drop through the hole to return to the start of the left corridor.
  • Take the right corridor of the central platform and follow it to a Teleporter.
  • Go through the Teleporter and collect the Gold Key.
  • Turn around and enter the doorway to the left.
  • Follow the corridor to a staircase.
  • Cross the staircase and follow the corridor at the end to the left.
  • Open the Silver Door and press the Button.
  • Turn around and get on the Elevator.
  • At the top, open the Gold Door.
  • Drop through the hole to the exit room.


Collect the two 25 Health to the right. Drop off the edge and go into the Water. On your right there is a hole that contains an alcove (#1). On the left the Water continues to some stairs that lead up to a brick wall to jump over. On the passageway is a Knight. Turn left and collect the Shells at the end of the passageway. Turning back, right leads to where you started, so go left into the building and collect a 25 Health. Continue down the hallway, collect the Shells, kill the Knight, and avoid the 4 Nail Traps. Collect a 25 Health at the end and turn left. Collect the Rockets and Rocket Launcher while killing the 2 Knights. Drop down on one of the sides and kill the Fiend. Collect the two 15 Health on the left side, and the Shells and Nails on the right. The Silver Door is in the middle of this room, and an Elevator that doesn't work is on the opposite side. Thus exit by the passage to the right, and once you make it through the doorway, turn left and kill the Ogre on the ledge above. Go that way and turn right after the stairs on the right to collect the two 25 Health. Turn back towards the way you came in, but go instead to the other side of the wall that separates the beginning of the room from the majority and collect the Rockets. Go up the stairs mentioned before, go into the next hallway, kill the Knight, and collect the Shells. Step back into the previous room and jump on the short wall to the left. Next jump to the separating wall, and then to the platform with the Ogre (#2). Return to the next hallway and go out the Door at the end of it to return to the stairs by the Water. Return to the Rocket Launcher room.

Take the left route and collect the Shells and two 15 Health before turning the corner to the left. Kill the Ogre, beware of the Falling Spike, and collect the Shells at the end of the hall. Turn left and kill the Knight while bewaring of the 4 Nail Traps, one for each side of the column. On the north side of the column are two 25 Health. On the right side of the column is another passageway with a Scrag to the right and two 25 Health straight ahead. Dodge a Sliding Spike and hit the Floorplate. Drop off one of the sides and kill the Fiend while bewaring of the Nail Trap. To the right of the column with the Nail Trap are Shells. The Teleporter at the opposite end leads back to the platform, where you can dodge the first Sliding Spike, as well as 3 more when you turn the corner. However, you can avoid them completely by going to the passageway opened by the Floorplate on the left. In this narrow passageway are two 25 Health, and an Elevator. You are now on the opposite side of the 3 Sliding Spikes. Kill the Knight running towards you from the next doorway, and collect the Nails and 15 Health. At the top of the staircase through the doorway the Knight came through collect the Rockets. Turn right, collect the 25 Health and Nails, and press the Floorplate to unlock the Door to your left. A Knight will come out of the Door, and behind the Knight is the Silver Key.

Drop through the hole in the floor to return to the left side pathway of the Rocket Launcher room. Take the right side pathway. After you climb the stairs, kill the Knight in the next room, and the Ogre next to a pillar to the right of the room. To the left of the room are three 15 Health. Near the pillar with the Ogre is a Super Nailgun, Nails on the other side, and a 25 Health in a corner. Jump and hit the torch on the pillar to open a Movable Wall by the Nails (#3). Climb the staircase to the left of the room, then turn right and continue up the stairs while killing the Knight. Collect the Rockets to the left of the Teleporter. Enter the Teleporter from the back side to teleport to the roof of the building you were facing at the beginning of the level (#4). Collect the Quad Damage at the other side of the passageway, then return and go into the Teleporter just behind where you teleported in.

Immediately as you teleport in you will grab the Gold Key. The Walls around you will open as you press a Floorplate, revealing a Shambler, a monster that shoots lightning. Collect the two 25 Health in the inner area you teleported to. From the way you were facing when you teleported in, behind the front left pillar are 2 Nails and 15 Health. Behind the front right pillar are Shells and 25 Health. Behind the bottom left pillar are three 25 Health. Behind the bottom right pillar are 2 Nails and a doorway out of the room. In the next hallway are two 25 Health and Shells. This hallway leads back to the separating wall staircase. An Ogre is behind a Movable Wall that opened up to the left in the room at the top of the stairs, as well as a 15 Health. Return to the Silver Door and press the Button inside, activating the Elevator. Collect the Shells and 25 Health at the top by the Gold Door. Drop through the hole past the Gold Door to get to the room with the Rune Gate. Turn around and shoot the indented Movable Wall first however (#5).

Differences from Easy to Normal

Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare

E1M5 - Gloom Keep

E1M5 - Gloom Keep


At the start of the level, drop into the Water and look on your right for a hole to swim into with an alcove that contains Nails and a 100 Health.
In the separating wall room, jump on the wall of the staircase. Once there, jump to the separating wall, and finally the platform with the Ogre to collect Yellow Armor and Shells.
In the room with a torch on a pillar to the right of the Rocket Launcher room, jump and hit the torch with your head to open a Movable Wall on the opposite side. Get inside fast as it will shut rather quickly to get Yellow Armor. Hit the Floorplate to open the Movable Wall again to get back to the pillar.
At the end of the right side passageway from the Rocket Launcher room is a Teleporter. Enter it from the back to teleport to the roof across from where you started. Follow the passageway across to collect a Quad Damage, then go back where you teleported to and go into the next Teleporter.
At the end of the level, turn around and shoot the indented Movable Wall to collect a Green Armor and enter a Teleporter to return to the bottom of the Rocket Launcher room if you have any reason to go back.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Knight 10 20 25
Scrag 1 4 10
Ogre 4 9 15
Fiend 2 5 9
Shambler 1 1 1
Total 18 39 60



E1M5 - Gloom Keep (Deathmatch)

E1M5 - Gloom Keep (Deathmatch)


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