The Ogre Citadel is the second level of The Realm of Black Magic. As the name suggests, it's a large and heavily defended fortress, filled with Ogres and other hostile creatures. It also features an extensive system of Water canals, starting from the moat and extending all the way to the exit room.

The player can search for the Gold Key, but does not need it in order to proceed if they follow the corridors in the Water. In fact, most of the level can be ignored if the player desires just to get to the next level and skip collecting items. This level also brings back Fiends, Knights, Zombies, Ogres, and Shamblers on Normal and higher difficulties. The starting area and main building are connected by a small drawbridge over a moat of Water.

Quick Level Completion

  • Follow the corridor to an outside area.
  • Shoot both Buttons to lower the drawbridge.
  • Follow the corridor to an intersection, the right being the Gold Door.
  • Follow the straight corridor to the Gold Key.
  • Return to the intersection and go to the Gold Door.
  • Follow the staircases to the left until you reach a Button.
  • Return to the Gold Door.
  • Open the Gold Door and cross the newly raised floor.
  • Follow the corridor to the exit.


E2M2 - the Ogre Citadel

E2M2 - the Ogre Citadel

Kill the Knight and collect a 15 Health. Follow the stairs down to an outside area and collect the Green Armor to the right and the Shells to the left. Shoot one of the Buttons on the opposite side of the cliff with Water at the bottom, and kill the Fiend that jumps out of the Door. Shoot the other Button, and cross to collect the Shells and Rockets. Proceed forward until you reach a painting on the left and a corridor to the right. Turn right and proceed forward. At the end of the hallway turn left and collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun on the opposite side of the corridor. Turn left, then proceed forward to collect the two 25 Health. Turn right to kill 2 Knights, then proceed forward up a flight of stairs. Kill an Ogre on an alcove straight ahead, then collect the two 15 Health to the left. Turn right to the Gold Door and collect the Shells. Follow the next pair of stairs down, kill the Ogre, and collect the 25 Health to the right. Go forward, collect the Shells, and go up the next pair of stairs to the left. Go down the hallway while collecting the Shells and go up the stairs at the end. Turn right and kill the 2 Knights in the next hallway. Press a Floorplate to make a Moving Platform with a Fiend start lowering and raising, which you can shoot through the window. Continue down the passageway to get to the alcove the Ogre you killed earlier was on. Collect the Nailgun at the top of the stairs to the right. Turn right and once through the doorway left to kill a Knight in the room, plus an Ogre and Fiend on another platform farther on. Grab the Quad Damage in the room, and then go to that platform. Just before you jump to it you will collect some Shells at the end of the platform you were on. Collect the two 25 Health and Shells, and then press the Button, which will open a gate on the lower floor. Drop through the hole on the right to reach the room beside it, and kill the Ogre. Collect a 25 Health, and then go into the alcove where the gate was unlocked to collect the Nails, 25 Health, and Gold Key.

Shoot the Button just below the hole you dropped through to open a gate at the opposite side. Collect the Nails in the next room. Go towards the opposite side of the room from the entrance and the Wall will lower, revealing an Ogre. There is an Ogre in the opposite building seen through the window to the left, and a 15 Health at the end of the hall, as well as a corridor leading back to the room right before the Gold Door. Jump out the window and follow the platform around to a Yellow Armor. Go into the building and turn right to get where the Ogre was (#1). Drop into the Water and swim right, and at the end turn around and climb the stairs to the right of the entrance to collect a Grenade Launcher (#2). Backtrack to the outside area at the start of the level with the two Buttons to shoot. Drop into the Water below. On the left side of the passageway is a doorway on the right wall with a Zombie inside. Take the Elevator inside and collect the a 100 Health at the top (#3). At the end turn left, and then turn right into the next doorway. Kill the Zombie inside, and go to the right of the Elevator, as the Elevator goes back to the start of the main building to an alcove to the right. At the end is the Moving Platform with the Fiend, stand under the Moving Platform for it to lower, and then back up an inch while waiting to climb on to not be crushed. To the left is the Gold Door, as you are now on the opposite side. Go through the right doorway before the platform lowers again. Kill the Ogre, collect the Shells, and climb the stairs. Collect the three 25 Health and Grenade Launcher at the top. Go into the next room and kill the Zombie to the left. Drop to the Water below and kill the Fiend. Go to the middle room and go right, and then go left into a sunken area of the wall to ride an Elevator back to three 25 Health. This time follow the platform in the next room to the Arch.

Differences from Easy to Normal

Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare


Jump through the window just after the room with the fake Wall by the Gold Key. Collect the Yellow Armor, and go into the building. Kill the Ogre if you have not already done so and collect a 100 Health. The Teleporter leads back to the room with the window.
Dive into the Water through one of the windows of the Gold Key room and swim right. At the end turn around and climb the stairs located to the right of the entrance. At the top is a Grenade Launcher, as well as a Wall that opens up to the left leading back to the window room just after the fake Wall.
By the outside area near the start is a passageway of Water you can drop to. Go to the left side, and turn right at the end to encounter a Zombie. Take the Elevator behind to get to a 100 Health.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Zombie 3 5 8
Knight 6 15 20
Ogre 7 13 14
Fiend 4 5 5
Shambler 0 1 1
Total 20 39 48


E2M2 - the Ogre Citadel (Deathmatch)

E2M2 - the Ogre Citadel (Deathmatch)


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