The Ebon Fortress is the fourth level of The Realm of Black Magic. It's a large and complex castle, composed of numerous corridors, some outdoor areas, Slime-filled moats, and a number of Flooded areas. This level can be very confusing and it is easy to get lost. Most of the fighting takes place in close proximity to the Player.

This level brings back the Rocket Launcher, as well as the Scrag if the player did not enter the level through E2M7. The player must search for the Silver Key in order to proceed, and can collect the Gold Key to get Yellow Armor and Nails.

Quick Level Completion

  • Drop to the floor below and swim in the Water.
  • Follow the corridor to the right until you get to an intersection.
  • Take the left corridor until you reach another intersection.
  • Take the right corridor and press the Button.
  • Return and take the left corridor to an Elevator.
  • At the top follow the corridor down the stairs.
  • Go up the other pair of stairs at the opposite end.
  • Follow the corridor to the end, and take the Elevator to the right.
  • Press the Button and get on the platform that slides out.
  • Stand on the platform until it reaches its first stop.
  • Go up the stairs, cross the bridge, and press the Button.
  • Return to the opposite side of the bridge and jump up the ledge to the right.
  • Collect the Silver Key, and wait for the platform to stop at one of the doorways.
  • Stand on the platform and wait for it to stop at a final platform before dropping. Get off onto the platform.
  • Follow the corridor to the Silver Door.
  • Cross to the opposite side of the room and press the Button.
  • Go up the stairs to the left of the room until you reach a dead end at the top.
  • Turn around and shoot the Button that reveals itself behind a Movable Wall.
  • Turn back around to see the Movable Wall lower to allow you to access an Elevator.
  • Go down the Elevator and get off the platform at the bottom.
  • Look up at the building and shoot the three Buttons to lower the Bars to the exit.


E2M4 - the Ebon Fortress

E2M4 - the Ebon Fortress

Collect the Shells to the left and a 25 Health to the right. Go straight down the stairs and collect a 15 Health to the left. Drop down to the bottom of this floor and collect the Nails. If you have any desire, go left to go up an Elevator back to the top of the room, otherwise go right into the Water. Collect the Shells at the bottom and swim into the next room. To the left is a 25 Health and Rockets, as well as an alcove sunken into the building with Nails and a Super Nailgun. Swim to the right and kill the Ogre on the alcove above. Collect the Grenade Launcher on the climbable alcove to the right, and kill the Zombie on the same alcove. In the lower right corner is a small area you can swim down into (#1).

Enter the building through the doorway and follow it through a large room. At the end turn left and kill the 2 Zombies. Take the first passageway to the right to kill 3 more Zombies. To the left is an alcove with another Zombie, Yellow Armor, and the Gold Key. Follow the passageway to the left to another alcove with a 25 Health, Rockets, and a Grenade Launcher. To the right are Rockets. Go back to the start of the passageway from the large room and follow the other passageway to the left. Kill the Zombie in the Water, and the Ogre at the start of solid flooring. In the Water to the right are Rockets. At the stairs, collect the Rockets to the left and a 25 Health to the right. In the next room at the bottom of the stairs, collect the 25 Health to the left and Shells to the right. Collect the Rocket Launcher in the middle of the room and kill the Fiend that comes out from the next room. Collect the Green Armor at the intersection of the next room, and follow the hallway to the right. Collect a 15 Health at the end and turn right. Kill the Death Knight and push the Button at the end of the passageway. Return to the intersection and take the hallway to the left. Collect the 15 Health at the end and turn left. Kill the Fiend and follow the hallway down the stairs. Collect a 25 Health, Nails, and Rockets at the bottom, then take a left at the alcove to the far right of the room to go up an Elevator. At the top collect a 25 Health and turn right to the platform overlooking the area with (#1).

Continue to the next room and go down the stairs. Turn right and kill the Scrag, as well as the Ogre on the alcove above that may come from the platform overlooking the large Water room at the start, and may have been killed in that room if he came close enough to the edge. Turn around at the bottom of the stairs and go to the right to find a shootable Wall (#2). To the right is a passageway with Nails and Rockets, as well as the Gold Door to the left. Inside is Yellow Armor and Nails. Straight from the bottom of the stairs is a 25 Health, as well as another staircase. Follow it to the alcove above the room. To the left of the staircase is a shootable Wall (#3). Collect the Shells further down the hallway on the platform overlooking the large Water room at the start. Turn left while killing the Ogre and collect the two 25 Health, 15 Health, Nails, and Biosuit. Continue on the main passageway to an Elevator to the right at the end. Press a Button to the left to cause a series of Moving Platforms to start sliding across the Slime in a conveyor belt style. Turn left and kill the Ogre at the first location the Moving Platform stops for a moment at. Climb the stairs, and to the right is the second place the Moving Platform stops at. Instead turn left and collect the Shells and 15 Health by the stairs. Drop off the platform to the right and swim through the passageway of Slime to get to an alcove (#4). Climb the second flight of stairs and cross the platform overlooking the Slime with the Moving Platforms. Collect the Nails at the end, and turn right to collect Shells and press a Button. Bars lower to the left, or now the right, of the second staircase; revealing a Fiend, two 25 Health, Green Armor, and the Silver Key.

Return to the Moving Platform by use of the first or second stop location. Collect the Quad Damage located in the Slime between the two locations. The Moving Platform shall continue to a third location, where you get off, before dropping into the Slime to restart the conveyor belt. Collect a 25 Health and 15 Health to the right and drop to the lower floor. An Elevator allows for returning if the player desires. Follow the passageway to the right to collect a 25 Health at the end. Turn left and kill the 2 Scrags, as well as another Scrag that spawns behind you. To the right is the Silver Door, but first follow the passageway and collect a 25 Health. There is a doorway here which leads to the Elevator that has opened up on the left passageway of the room with the Rocket Launcher. To the left of this area is an area overlooking that room. After following the next passageway there is a Button that can be shot to the right of the doorway from the Water. The passageway mentioned is to the left and leads to an area overlooking the stairs on the left passageway from the Rocket Launcher room, or if the Button was shot, a passageway leading to a Zombie, Quad Damage, Nails, and 100 Health. Enter the Silver Door room and collect the Shells to the left. To the right of the stairs is an alcove with a 15 Health, Death Knight, and Button. Climb the stairs and kill the Ogre to the right further up the stairs. At the first turn are Rockets and Shells. Follow the staircase to the top and kill the Shambler. There is a Movable Wall at the end, so turn around and shoot the Button on the wall that appears behind a Wall that moves when you move down the top platform to lower it. Kill the Ogre behind and press the Button to lower the Elevator. At the bottom, to the left is Shells and to the right is a 25 Health. Kill the Fiend on the grassy area below, and collect a 25 Health and Shells to the right. The Arch is blocked, so turn around and look up on the building you exited from to shoot three Buttons, removing the Bars from the Arch.

Differences from Easy to Normal

Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare


In the lower right corner of the entrance to the main building is a sunken area with Shells, Nails, a Yellow Armor, and a Quad Damage.
In the Gold Door room, go to the right of the entrance staircase to find a shootable Wall. Collect the Rockets and 100 Health inside.
In the Gold Door room, on the staircase leading out of the room, look towards the entrance staircase. To the left is a shootable Wall with a Pentagram of Protection inside.
In the Silver Key room go to the far right side by the intersection of the stairs. Drop into the Slime and follow the passageway to an alcove with Red Armor and a Biosuit.


Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Zombie 9 14 15
Scrag 4 9 (13) 13 (17) On Normal and higher skill levels 4 Scrags don't spawn.
Ogre 7 19 24
Death Knight 2 7 8
Fiend 4 8 12
Shambler 1 1 2
Total 27 58 (62) 74 (78)



E2M4 - the Ebon Fortress (Deathmatch)

E2M4 - the Ebon Fortress (Deathmatch)


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