The Tomb of Terror is the third level of The Netherworld. True to its name, the level resembles a tomb and the action takes place almost entirely indoors. Many of the rooms contain deadly Lava and traps, and the dark hallways are patrolled by numerous hostile creatures.

This level brings back the Death Knight. The player must search for the Silver Key in order to proceed. The player must return to the starting room twice while travelling through this small level.

Quick Level Completion

  • Go through one of the corridors and press the Button on the opposite side of the starting wall.
  • Return to the start and go through the Door to the left.
  • Follow the corridor to a Floorplate to push.
  • Follow the corridor, ignoring the dead ends by taking the first right.
  • Go up the stairs of the Water room, and follow the corridor to an Elevator.
  • At the top, follow the corridor to another Button.
  • Follow the newly risen platform to another Button.
  • Go to the newly risen platform on the left and press another Button.
  • Repeat for the right.
  • Return to the middle and follow the newly risen platform to a Teleporter.
  • Go up the stairs and turn around, then jump on the railings to get to the next corridor.
  • Follow the corridor to the Silver Key and a Teleporter to go through beside.
  • Turn left and go through the Silver Door.
  • Follow the corridor to a Button.
  • The wall across the Lava to the right will open, follow the newly opened corridor to another Button inside.
  • Return to the middle section of the nearby stairs and go through the newly opened Door to get to the exit room.


E3M3 - the Tomb of Terror

E3M3 - the Tomb of Terror

Kill the Ogre patrolling on the right passageway. Collect a 25 Health to the right, and Shells and Nails to the left. The Door to the left is the Silver Door, and the right Door is locked. The stairs straight ahead are Barred off, so go instead on one of the two passageways by the stairs. Press the Button behind the stairs to open the right Door. Go through the Door, kill the Death Knight, and collect the Yellow Armor. Turn left, collect the two 15 Health, and press the Floorplate by the Lava to raise stairs over it for a limited amount of time. At the top of the stairs turn right and look up to shoot a Button (#1). Continue into the next corridor and collect the Super Nailgun at the intersection. Kill the Zombie and collect the Shells to the left. Collect a 25 Health and Rockets at the dead end straight ahead. Follow the left passageway to another intersection, and turn left to a 25 Health, Nails, and 3 Zombies. Continue into the next room and kill the Death Knight. Collect the Shells to the right in front of some stairs, and 2 Nails to the left of the stairs. Drop into the Water and swim under the stairs to collect a 100 Health (#2). Climb the stairs and turn left while collecting the Rockets. Turn left at the end and go up an Elevator. Turn left again at the top and kill 3 Zombies while avoiding the 6 Nail Traps in the floor. At the end of the hall collect the two 15 Health and turn left. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and collect the Nails while going into the next room. Kill the Scrag floating in this round Lava room. Press the Floorplate to raise a bridge leading to the central platform of this area, and collect a 25 Health to the left. Cross to the middle platform, press the Floorplate, and collect the Shells. 2 Zombies will spawn on the starting platform as the bridges raise to the left and right platforms. Press the Floorplate on each side, but be careful of the Large Wall Spike. Collect the Rockets on the left platform, and the Nails on the right. When the first Floorplate is pressed a Scrag spawns, and when the second is pressed the bridge is raised to the final platform of this room. As you head to the platform 2 Zombies spawn. Collect the two 25 Health on the final platform, one to the left and one to the right, and go through the Teleporter to return to the start. The Bars blocking the stairs will slide back, allowing access up the stairs. Collect the 100 Health at the top. Kill the Death Knight on the platform behind you, then use one of the railings of the stairs to get to the corridor the Death Knight was in. Press the Floorplate in the corridor to raise a bridge across the Lava straight ahead. Dodge the 4 Nail Traps in the Lava room, and continue into the corridor beyond. Beware as this platform is timed and will slide back in a short amount of time. Drop down at the end to Nails and 15 Health, and the Silver Key further up the corridor. Go through the Teleporter to return to the starting room with the Silver Door to the left.

Go through the Silver Door. Kill the Fiend that jumps when you open the Door. Collect the two 25 Health, and the Rockets and Nails by the corner. Turn left onto a curved staircase that twists to the right. Kill the Scrag that floats above the Lava in the middle of the staircase. At the first turn collect the Shells by the locked Door. At the bottom of the stairs kill the Ogre. At the end of the still twisting passageway collect the 2 Nails and press the Button. The Walls on the left side from the stairs open up to reveal railings, and a Wall opens at the far right corner to a doorway inside with a Death Knight. Collect the Shells, Nails, and 25 Health on the corridor leading to the intersection. In the dark corner straight ahead collect a 25 Health and kill the Ogre. Turn left, collect the Shells and Nails, kill the Ogre, and press the Button to unlock the Door at the first turn of the staircase. A Death Knight runs down the staircase and a Scrag spawns in the Lava center. Go through the Door and collect the Green Armor and 25 Health to the right of the Rune Gate.

Differences from Easy to Normal

Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare


At the top of the stairs raised over the first area with Lava, turn right and look up to shoot a Button. A Wall will open for a very short amount of time, revealing a Teleporter inside, which leads to the rafters overlooking this room. Collect the Red Armor and drop back to the floor below.
Drop into the Water in the Water room and swim to the right to a 100 Health.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Zombie 11 9 11
Scrag 4 5 9
Ogre 4 8 12
Death Knight 5 9 13
Fiend 1 1 2
Total 25 32 47


  • A Grenade Jump allows the player to jump from the lower floor to the upper floor of the starting room.


E3M3 - the Tomb of Terror (Deathmatch)

E3M3 - the Tomb of Terror (Deathmatch)


Spawn Locations

  • Corridor just after upper floor of start area
  • Start
  • Water room
  • Nail Traps before round Lava room
  • Exit platform of round Lava room
  • Top of curved staircase
  • By Button at bottom of curved staircase to open alcove leading to Button to open Doors to Rune Gate

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