Egyptian Guardian


Attack Damage
  • (45) Laser Beam
  • (10-20) Staff Butt
Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


The Egyptian Guardian is the second Boss Guardian in Dissolution of Eternity. It appears like a normal Egyptian Guardian but is much tougher. It's fought at the end of Curse of Osiris.


Staff BeamEdit

Egyptian Guardian fires three green salvos from its staff in an arc. Each beam does 15 damage, making for a total of 45 per attack. The beams move very quickly through the air, thus making them difficult to dodge at close range.

Staff ButtEdit

If the player gets close, the Egyptian Guardian may hit the player with the butt of his staff, doing around 10-20 damage.


Near the end of the map is a room with four mummies. When all four mummies have been killed, The Egyptian Guardian will appear at the far end and attack. Just like Quake's Guardian, further guardians will appear as more and more damage is done to the Egyptian Guardian.

If the player gets surrounded, don't hesitate to escape up one of the corridors that lead off from the area. Try to concentrate on Egyptian Guardian, however it does not take much to kill the normal guardians if one gets in the way. Once Egyptian Guardian is dead, the lift in the room will be activated and the player can ride it up to the last room where the exit portal is located.

Death Messages Edit

  • "Player" was crushed by a Guardian


Egyptian Guardian awakens from his slumber
Egyptian Guardian receiving damage
Egyptian Guardian getting killed

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  • Whilst the other two Boss Guardians are referred to by name in game (Quake's Guardian and High Priest), the Egyptian Guardian is just referred to as a Guardian.