These little guys are power-packed and more menacing than the Rotfish.

Dissolution of Eternity Manual

This nasty underwater creature has a shocking personality. Don't let its small size fool you, this eel packs a charge powerful enough to send you running back to grandma's house.

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Electric Eel is an aquatic Enemy found in the Quake second expansion Dissolution of Eternity. They are essentially a tad stronger variation of the Rotfish, which are notably absent.


Electric Attack

Like the Rotfish, the Eel will use their attack on the player at close range. However, the Eels' attack is much stronger, making them a much more threatening enemy.


Because of its similar behavior to the Rotfish, it can be dealt with in the same way. Two blasts from the Double-Barrelled Shotgun or three blasts from the regular Shotgun are the most efficient ways of killing it.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was electrified by an Eel



The Eel spotting an opponent
The Eel being alive
The Eel assailing somebody
The Eel being injured
The Eel being killed


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