This provides improved protection against energy weapons. While it is being used, it drains energy from your cells when damaged.

—Quake II Manual

Energy Armor

Energy armor also known as 'Power Shield' is a type of armor found in Quake II. Unlike conventional armor, the energy armor has to be activated to be used and can be deactivated at will. In this way, the armor can be saved for more difficult fights whilst being put away during easy fights.

Energy armor uses Cells as power. When activated, the armor's value is equal to that of the player's current amount of cells; when the player is hit by an enemy, the player's stocked Cells amount is reduced by amount of damage absorbed.

Energy armor absorbs 2/3 of damage taken from front and 1/3 of damage taken from back. If used along with conventional armor, Energy armor provides even more survivability.

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