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Enforcer (Q2)


Will gib when health is


Attack Damage

Chaingun: 3 per bullet
Melee: 5-9



Found in

Quake II
The Reckoning
Ground Zero
Quake II 64
Quake II PSX
Call of the Machine


Strong, muscle-bound warrior who dishes out chain gun speed damage.

—Quake 2 Manual

In Quake II, the Enforcer is a gruff, smoke-burnished Strogg that resembles a muscular human with a Chain Gun prosthetic for its right arm. They are a very common enemy, being encountered from the first level onward and continuing to be among the most frequently-encountered Strogg in all of the various single-player campaigns.

The Enforcer is renamed Infantry in the 2023 Remaster.

Behaviour and Attacks[]

Chain Gun: The Enforcer will fire a volley of bullets, each bullet dealing 3 damage. It is a hitscan weapon, but in the original game it can be avoided by consistently strafing - however, it is more likely to hit a strafing player in the 2023 remaster. The Enforcer must take a moment to load his weapon before firing, giving the player a brief opportunity to react.

Club: In melee range, the Enforcer will swing its chain gun arm to bludgeon its target, delivering 5-9 damage with each strike.

When fired upon, Enforcers sometimes duck.

If an Enforcer is killed but not gibbed, there is a chance it will perform a dying attack - it will swing its chain gun upward, continuing to fire for a moment.

In the two official Mission Packs (The Reckoning and Ground Zero) the Enforcer is a more formidable foe. This is due to the fact that its attack animation order is reversed; Instead of loading the Chain Gun and then firing it, the Enforcer will fire the Chain Gun immediately and then do the loading animation afterwards. The 2023 remaster gives the Enforcer several different firing animations, some faster than others, and one of which allows the Enforcer to run forward while firing.


  • While they do have more health than Guards, an Enforcer is not difficult to kill, but you should be ready to strafe or take cover to avoid its return fire. A fairly brief burst from the Machine Gun (thirteen bullets, to be precise) will take him down in short order, or three good hits from the Shotgun. A good hit from the Super Shotgun at close range can kill the Enforcer in one hit, but most of the pellets need to connect. The Grenade Launcher is another option, preferably if you have some cover to use. If you encounter an Enforcer that hasn't spotted you yet, a direct hit from a well-thrown Grenade can kill him before he notices you.
  • In the first level of Quake II, the final room contains several Enforcers and the best weapon you have at this point will be the Shotgun, but it's still a fairly simple matter to take them down so long as you keep strafing, or making good use of cover. Ideally, when Enforcers are encountered in groups, the Chain Gun is a better option to take them out more quickly.
  • Be wary of its post-death spasm. Sometimes, a dead Enforcer will fire off a few rounds as it falls to the ground. However, it won't attempt to aim this attack, so it's fairly unlikely to hit you - it can be easily avoided by sidestepping away from the direction the Enforcer is facing.

Rocket Emplacements[]

The Enforcer can be seen piloting Rocket Emplacements in the Main Gate and the Outlands in the Quake II campaign, and in the Inner Compound and the Outer Base in The Reckoning mission pack. These heavy gun turrets let the Enforcers shoot rockets, dealing high damage if not dodged (a direct hit from its rocket deals well over 100 damage). The emplacement itself is indestructible, and can only be neutralised by killing the Enforcer manning it. However, this is not so simple, because the Enforcer is mostly shielded from view. There are essentially two ways to fight it; either by taking careful aim at the small part of Enforcer visible behind the gun, or by strafing around the side of the emplacement to get a clearer shot at its crewman. It turns fairly slowly, so it's possible to circle-strafe around it more quickly than it can follow your movement. In either case, take care to avoid its rockets. It's also possible for a careless player to be crushed by the spinning turret if the player gets stuck between the turret and another object. Once the Enforcer is killed, the gun becomes inactive and cannot be fired by anyone else, whether Strogg or human.

The rocket emplacements in the Outlands and the Inner Compound are not present on Easy difficulty.

Appearance statistics[]

Campaign Easy Medium Hard/Nightmare
Quake II* 109 127 134
The Reckoning* 116 127 131
Ground Zero 64 70 71
Quake II 64 101 104 90
Quake II PSX 27 32 39
Call of the Machine 147 168 166

*In these campaigns, two Enforcers are piloting Rocket Emplacements, or only one on Easy difficulty.

Death Messages[]

  • Player was pumped full of lead by an Enforcer (Chaingun)
  • Player was bludgeoned by an Enforcer (Melee)


The Enforcer patrolling
The Enforcer spotting an opponent
The Enforcer being injured
The Enforcer being killed



  • In the original game, if an Enforcer is killed by a direct hit from the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher or hand grenade while in good health, the Enforcer's corpse will show no blood. However, this has been fixed in the 2023 remaster.
  • The corpse of an Enforcer tends to attract flies if it isn't gibbed - or, at least, whatever fly-like organisms exist on Stroggos.
  • When idle, an Enforcer sometimes seems to flex and show off his muscles.