Enviro-Suit in the game.

This protects you against damage from hazardous liquids, such as Slime.

—The Quake II Manual

In Quake 2, the Enviro-Suit is a powerup that allows you to go into pits of slime without getting harmed. You can't hold a lot of them, so be wise when using them.

Just like the Rebreather, the Enviro-Suit will allow you to stay underwater (or slime) without drowning. It has limited usage time, so the player will want to pass the danger zone before the suit expires.


  • The Enviro-Suit won't be useful until you reach the Reactor hub (save for one instance in the first unit where you can grab an Adrenaline), where harmful liquids become common. Dangerous liquids tend to conceal secrets, so if you find a large pool of one, put on an Enviro-Suit and jump in!


  • The Enviro-Suit is based on the Biosuit from Quake, which is in turn based on the Radiation Shielding Suit from Doom, an earlier Id Software game. All three items are functionally identical; it protects the player from hazardous liquids and lasts a limited amount of time.
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