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Episode 2: The Realm of Black Magic or Realm of Black Magic is the second Episode of Quake. It consists of seven levels total, which includes a secret level like the three other episodes. This episode introduces several new enemies, including the Enforcer at the beginning, the Death Knight and Rotfish by the middle, and the Vore at the end of the final level as a boss fight.

The Realm of Black Magic is a dimension of dark and decaying castles, crypts and mansions. The main level theme is Medieval, with the later levels switching to the Wizard subtype. This is the episode with the highest amount of Water - every level features a canal or pool for the player to wade or swim through.

The introductory text displayed in the corridor leading to this episode in Introduction reads: "Ancient castles and strange beasts ahead..." The goal is to search for the Rune of Black Magic to use in the fight against Shub-Niggurath.



Type Count Glitches
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rotfish 3 (6) 6 (12) 6 (12) The vanilla engine counts each Rotfish as 2 enemies.
Rottweiler 2 5 7
Grunt 8 11 13
Zombie 40 61 76
Knight 6 15 20
Enforcer 8 17 26
Scrag 15 34 (38) 43 (47) On Normal and higher skill levels 4 Scrags don't spawn on E2M4: The Ebon Fortress in the original version.
Ogre 42 87 108
Death Knight 25 51 73
Fiend 26 42 52
Vore 1 2 2
Shambler 2 5 14
Total 178 (181) 336 (346) 440 (450)